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Very enjoyable headphones

A Review On: ATH-W1000X


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Pros: Sound good with pretty much everything, Look really, really nice, Great value at current price

Cons: Headband, non-detachable cable

I bought a pair of these recently, I'm one of many who took advantage of the $399 deal on these.  I think for the price I paid they are a pretty good deal, but they do have some issues.  They are certainly an attractive pair of headphones.  Cable looks and feels a bit cheap, but the 1/4" plug is quite nice.  To me these sound a lot like my D7000s, although certainly not as good, pretty close overall.  They have robust bass response, although it lacks some extension and can sound a bit muddy at times.  I found the midrange on these not quite as good as others describe, to me it sounded a bit strange.  The highs on these seemed a bit dull to me.  They do have a very "musical" (sorry) sound to them, which is what I find appealing about them.  They are very forgiving of poor recordings and sound pretty good with everything.  I did many side by side comparisons/litens with my Pro 900s.  The 900s have a reputation for having a blurry and recessed midrange, but to me they sounded just a bit more clear/crisp than the W1000s and overall I decided to sell them for that reason, since I only wanted one pair of headphones in this price range.  I must also say as many have before, the headband adjustment, or lack of, is really frustrating.  If you move around too much they move around too, not a fan of this at all.  Overall I would have to say I definitely recommend them for someone looking for a pair of headphones in this price range.


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