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Pros: Design, Comfort

Cons: Leakage, clamp might be too loose for some

Really wanting to buy the AD2000 I got the W1000x on the Japanese Yahoo Auction site for a ridiculously low price of 29000 yen. They are used but have almost no wear or tear. I guess they have been broken in alreay, but I really can't say. The might have been used as an exposition model since the plug doesn't show any wear.


Using my Sony XBA-3 in the office most of the time, I found the W1000X not as immersive as I would have liked. IEMs make me feel a lot more "inside" the music. 


The worst thing that's keeping me from using these "closed" cans everyday is the VERY bad leakage. Sitting in a cubicled office these would annoy everyone else when using them at medium-high volume. 


That being said, these cans are exeptionally detailed and clear sounding to me. I'm new to the audiophile world but I think this is what people refer to as "soundstage": The instruments seem to be quite distant from me. Much more than with the AD2000, although those are open and airy they immerse me much more in the music. The highs started to hurt my ears when played at higher volume.


Listening to mainly classical (contemporary and baroque), Jazz (hard-bop, impro, contemporary, big band) and electronic music via my RAL-2496UT1 DAC using MusicBee with WASAPI output and mostly 24/96 or upscaled FLAC material.


Now I haven't got more than one or two hours with these so I might edit my review later but the leakage is real and quite noticable for closed cans. So anyone looking for a good seal, please look elsewhere.


Edit: After listening some more I am tempted to sell these since the pleatherpads get way too hot for my taste. 


Edit no. 2: I actually replaced the pleather pads with the L3000 lamp leather pads without a problem. They are a pricey upgrade (60 dollars) but worth every penny as I can listen to the W1000X without problems for hours now. They comfort has definetly improved by miles. Also I would advise to equalize these cans according to this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/413900/how-to-equalize-your-headphones-a-tutorial It has made mine a lot easier to listen to since they have quite some spikes in the upper frequency ranges.


Edit no. 3: I have been using the W1000X for about half a year now and I am using it together with the AD2000, mainly switching for issues of comfort or musical genre. It's an awesome headphone and I am VERY satisfied with my purchase.


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