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A gorgeous sound, classy and timeless appearance - the best closed headphone under $1k I've heard

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Pros: Beautiful tone curve (warm without being muddy), crystal clear, Audio-Technica comfort, great value compared to competition

Cons: Price (if you pay full retail)

It took me a while to warm up to this set of ATH-W1000X, because they are just so warm compared to what I'm used to, so it sounded like they lacked the clarity of my other sets (which, to be fair, are excellent and very expensive sets such as the Beyerdynamic T1 and the open ATH-AD2000X) - but it's not that the clarity is lacking, it's just that your ears are full of warmth and you don't notice that EVERY detail is there. My title, pros and cons say it all really - it is not a cheap set, but I firmly believe that they're the best closed headphones under $1000 I've heard, so given that, they're a steal at about $450 US/$550 AU. If you are really savvy, you can get them cheaper, so that's a REAL STEAL then.
Sound staging is actually better than many open sets I've heard, including ANY Sennheisers (HD650s come to mind for a closed sound from an open set), and similar staging to the ATH-AD900, which is saying something.
A great set of headphones, without a doubt.

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Nice review

I've had these cans for a while now and absolutely love them. I understand your praise of their sound staging being so good, they really excel there.

I find the sound nice and crisp and the bass for me is just about right for my ears. I've the Fostex TH600 which are in similar kind of price bracket, albeit Fostex being slightly more expensive which are great in their own right but don't have the warmth of the ATH-W1000X IMO at least but the Audio Technica's are better value for what they cost.

They are quite a light weight can and the 3D wing fit makes for very light clamping for prolonged use.

I especially like the beautiful wood housing on the earcups which are deep enough for my ears to not touch the drivers.

I wish Audio Technica had removable cables rather than fixed, but that's a small gripe.

Excellent cans for sure.
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