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ATH-ESW10JPN Reviews


Audio Technica ATH-ESW10 Japan


Pros: Beautifully Crafted, Lush Forward Mids

Cons: Slightly restricted soundstage, Can get a little unfomfortable at times

  Equipment Used: PS Audio Power Plant Premier > Macbook Pro > USB > PS Audio Perfectwave DAC > Woo Audio 5 (Shuguang 300B-Z Output, Shuguang CV-181-Z Driver, EML 5U4G Rectifier)   Aesthetic / Build Quality: This headphone has been criticized as having a slightly flimsy frame that presses on the ears too much.  But after having these 1.5 years and using them daily, I can tell you that these are great headphones in terms of comfort and durability.  They look the same as the day I bought them and have gotten more comfortable with time.  The frame needs bent a little to accommodate larger heads and to relieve pressure on the ears.  As of right now I can wear these...
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Beautiful sound and wood finish


Pros: Beautiful sound, clear and natural with a tight bass, lightweight and transportable build

Cons: Uncomfortable after longer sessions

I enjoy these headphones very much. A beautiful sound, clear and natural with a tight bass. I am a bit surprised such small cans can sounds so good.   The wood finish might not suit everyone, but I do find them pretty cool. They are fairly lightweight and easy to transport and use in public.
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