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ATH-EM9D Reviews


Probably the most natural and balanced clip-ons you'll find. :)


Pros: Clear, detailed, but unoffensive treble. Detailed and slightly warm treble. Nice, tight bass. Pleasant and laid-back presentation.

Cons: None. Unless you count bad isolation - but that can't be asked for in clip-ons anyway.

Another elusive Audio-Technica model that was never sold in the States - I picked these up in Taiwan during a visit back in 2008 (I think - a bit fuzzy on the year). Production had already ceased for this model by the time I bought it, with the new ATH-EMx00 series replacing the old product line.  I seem to have a knack for buying headphones that are freshly discontinued - my ATH-A9X was discontinued the year after I bought it as well.   Comparison to ATH-EM700 Interestingly, even though the ATH-EM9d was being phased out and replaced by the ATH-EM700, the older model remained more expensive than the new (the EM9d was around $190, while the EM700 was $150 brand new). I...
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Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Headphones › Over-Ear › ATH-EM9D › ATH-EM9D Reviews