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A Review On: ASUS Xonar Essence STX

ASUS Xonar Essence STX

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Pros: great specs, quality line in

Cons: GARBAGE drivers, line in only handles 2 vrms, large

I love this card, but since it's taking cmedia years to make properly functioning Windows 7 drivers, and and ASUS is failing at making proper asio drivers, I'm going to have to part with it.


The card still picked up some noise from my gpu (less than onboard did) during gaming - all internals probably will - if you're not going Auzen x-fi, stick to external DACs.


I certainly agree. The Window 7 driver is junk! First, while running the enclosed install disk and pressing the install command in the wizard, the program cannot find its own setup file on disk. During installation, it continuously reports the card needs power although I have confirmed it has power directly from the PSU. Then the driver would not install but fail before completion. Finally, after several attempts, the driver installed after setting Windows 7 into clean boot mode.
Something to consider with your GPU noise..... it may not be your gpu's fault. I had a similar problem where my sound always had a sort of low level buzzing comming though my audio. I learned that using a quality battery backup would possibly help. I ran out and bough a UPS Backup and the problems immediately dissapeared. Apparently the power in some homes contain a lot of noise and computers have a tendancy to amplify that between componnts. By putting a backup system in, you get top quality lin filtering as well as a power backup (good for obvious reasons) and much better surge protection than from a cheapo (or even quality) surge protector. Just something to give some thought to.
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