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Asus XONAR DG CMI8786 Sound Card Reviews

Positive Reviews


Budget Master


Pros: Good headphone amp, extended usage options 10x better than on board,

Cons: Relatively bad drivers, bud good alternative to it is UNi Xonar, not isolated.

I bought this because i needed an AMP for my superlux hd681 headphones, so I bought this card because it was on my budget. I am really happy with it and with it's sound, and i could not switch back to my old onboard sound, which was best on the market, but pathetic in comparison with this. It is driving my headphones very well, and very loud. I never played my headphones on something better, so I can't make any comparison when talking about sound quality. There is a bit of a problems, the original drivers suck, but fixed with alternative called UNi Xonar. The card isn't isolated, so it can make noise if interfered with other components such as graphic card. I needed to move my...
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Negative Reviews


Was decent but died in less than a year.


Pros: Decent sound, software good

Cons: Front pannel jack died in 6 months. Rest of the card died in less than a year.

I had this card for a while and it did a decent job powering my AKG K550's and my Ultrasone 650Pros. I could always tell there was more to be had from them though. The sound was good but a tad muddy on the bass end and a tad clipped on the high end.    After 6 months I got static output from the front panel and had to unplug it. After 10 months of ownership the card would output high pitched hissing noises at all times through headphones or speakers.    I cannot recommend this card with the time it lasted me   Replaced it with a Creative Sound Blaster Z and I am highly impressed with how much better it is. 

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A MUST have if you are on a budget


Pros: a REAL upgrade from onboard audio

Cons: drivers and software overall isnt good

This card is 25-30 usd only which is very inexpensive, and it is a noticeable improvement over my realtek 892 onboard sound, I only have some cheap Plantronics Gamecom 367, which sounded boring with the onboard sound, but after setting up the card they sounded more transparent and alive (for a 30usd headset). This card will work nicely with ANY gaming headSET and some EQ tweaking, I've tested it with siberia v2's and they sound better than the usb soundcard, a razer carcharias sounded better too.   The only major problem with this card are the drivers, this card is NOT easy to setup, if you buy this card it is normal if you don't notice any improvement at first, but you...
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Perfect Price to Performance


Pros: Solid State Amp, Powerful and Neutral. Good software and warranty. Cheap enough to buy on a whim.

Cons: Wont Drive Some Cans Adequately. Unshielded. PC only.

First off I consider myself a music lover, I am not a true audiophile but I do have pretty good taste in sound. I can play and tune several instruments by ear, I can play several brass instruments very well and can generally tell when things don't sound right. I don't have a lot of audio equipment but I am slowly amassing a collection. When I bought the card my only pair of quality headphones were HD 515's (not a lot of love for these, I think they sound good though a little dark)   The reason for buying the card, well it was cheap and I needed it. My new headphones were proving too much for my onboard sound card and I didn't have a lot of money to spend on a new card. Not...
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