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Fantastic sound card,great build quality,swappable opamps,affordable,the best out there.

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Pros: great sound quality,good bulid quality,high grade components,swappable opamps.

Cons: outdated software,sound is boxy and muffled out of the box with the stock opamps.

After being a creative fanboy for ever since,decided to try the asus STX II after reading some good reviews about the first one,from users over the net.

compared to my previous creative ZXR which the STX II replaces,the sound is more natural,laid back,and forgiving.


Users can talior the sound to their preference with swappable opamp sockets.

Stock opamps are MUSES8920 for the I\V section,and MUSES8820 for the buffers.


Ive replaced the stock buffers opamp with Muses02and the bass is spot on,the muffled and boxy sound has gone,more upfront sound without losing space and air.(cant wait to get my Muses01 and try those babys.:)


software is the only downside of this soundcard as far as I can see,although is very usefull,its just plain ugly and looks outdated.


overall,I'm very happy with it,great sound and build quality,very customizable,10/10.


Any proper decent upgrades over the STX? Considering this but need to know if it's worth upgrading the STX with, i wont be ordering the 7.1 version either, thanks.
if you already have the STX. I think you wont notice any difference.
Thanks for what I can consider a very positive review of the XONAR® STX II™ - I have an original STX™ and the new version restores some of the ST's functionality in a PCI Express x1 format (the original ST is legacy PCI 2.2).  Maxed Tech® has UNi™ XONAR® Audio Software™ 1.72 (C-Media® CMI8788 Driver available for download; I routinely use the C-Media® Audio Center™ DLL in lieu of the Asus® XONAR® Audio Center™.  Do keep us informed on how the MUSES01/02 setup performs - I have it in the contest for upgrades on my STX, which came stock with JRC2114D's in the I-V and NSC/TI LM4562AN's in the line-level buffers.
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