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Beautifully made, powerful low end but lacking finesse elsewhere

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Astrotec AX35

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Pros: Beautifully made

Cons: Messy top end lacks finesse

I hate to be critical about something so well put together and I know these have received high praise elsewhere, but sonically, these do nothing for me.


The easiest way to sum them up is to say that they have a sound which reminds me of PA speakers i.e. a little to much low end coupled (not very well) with a somewhat messy and unrefined top. 


In a strange way though, the superb build quality alone makes them worth every penny, I just cannot listen to them. 



Edit: See my comments.... 

1 Comment:

Well, this is embarrassing! Last year I bought a pair of these and was somewhat disappointed by the sound and I left a review testifying to this. But... I recently discovered my AX35s, after they had sat unused in a draw, and I took the time to experiment with different tips and... wow! how wrong was I about the sonic capabilities of these things.
Now, I hear them and they sound bold, balanced, open, fast, extended, clean, efficient, unfatiguing; in fact, everything I want from an IEM. In summary, they just play music. A masterpiece at many times the price; nice work, Astrotec.
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