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Astrotec AX35 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Exceptional Value


Pros: Sounds Wonderful Overall, Nice Finish

Cons: Isolation, Packaging & Accessories

Astrotec has been mostly into budget IEMs until recently, when they introduced their AX60, AX7 and now their AX30/35. The version I have here today is the AX35. I’m not sure of the prices yet, but from what I hear, the AX30 will be around $65 while the AX35 will be $80 (USD). The AX30 is supposed to be the bassier model of the two while the AX35 was tuned to be more neutral. Me generally preferring a more neutral presentation, picked the AX35 over the AX30.     Hybrid IEMs really are the FOTM here on Head-Fi, with the DN-1000, AX60, H-200, 1plus2 etc. However, these are all 1 dynamic driver + 2 BA IEMs; the AX35 has one BA driver as opposed to two. This makes it more or...
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Negative Reviews


Was it just me?


Pros: build quality, design, cable, design principle

Cons: sound quality, isolation, in-ear fitment

I am not a basshead or on that induces drugs of any kind prior to auditioning. In fact to be frank, I was so guttered, I felt I had to write something that was short and truthful for fellow head fiérs. I am writing with a tearing heart. Despite all that is on paper that is good about this IEM, I see very little tangible realisation of its design or design principle.   I am not sure if it my ears or my unit, but the sound produced was absolutely tasteless. The best noise it makes is when the metal shells bash each other and makes the *chunk*...because thats got more bass than what my pair can ever make. Free to a good home that is deafen to bass.   By the way...its got audio...
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More Reviews


Pleasing Sound at Great Value


Pros: Great Build Quality, High-Quality Cable, Happy Medium in Sound Signature and Sound Quality

Cons: Average Fit/Comfort, Time Coherence Issue of the Prior Art AX60 and Other Hybrid Designs Not Solved

Foreword   Chinese/HK headphone manufacturer Astrotec is known for its value-priced products (beginning with their lauded AM90), and they've stuck to their guns by pricing the AX35 (and its near identical sibling AX30) aggressively at under $80. The list price for the AX35 in Mainland China is 399 RMB (~$65 USD), while the AX30 is priced at 299 RMB (~$49 USD). Current eBay prices for the AX35 hover around $70 USD. Considering the overall quality of build and acoustic design, the lower end of Astrotec's Hybrid Series certainly promises to deliver a lot for the coin.   It hasn't always been this promising, however. Months ago, I purchased Astrotec's flagship hybrid model,...
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Beautifully made, powerful low end but lacking finesse elsewhere


Pros: Beautifully made

Cons: Messy top end lacks finesse

I hate to be critical about something so well put together and I know these have received high praise elsewhere, but sonically, these do nothing for me.   The easiest way to sum them up is to say that they have a sound which reminds me of PA speakers i.e. a little to much low end coupled (not very well) with a somewhat messy and unrefined top.    In a strange way though, the superb build quality alone makes them worth every penny, I just cannot listen to them.      Edit: See my comments.... 

A very affordable hybrid IEM with a great fun sound!


Pros: Quality sound, excellent build, hybrid design, great price

Cons: reduction in upper midrange clarity, needs a better L/R indicator

When it comes to headphones, I'm often in pursuit of the best sound or the best value. With in-ear headphones, typically the choice is either a dynamic driver (bigger size, warmer sound, harder to cover the whole dynamic range, cheaper) or balanced armature driver (smaller size, brighter sound, allowing multiple drivers in the same headphone housing, more expensive). This pretty much defines the trade off between better sound control and better value. Lately, there has been a new trend with in-ear headphones, a hybrid design using a single dynamic driver tuned for low frequencies and a single or multiple BA drivers for mids and highs. Today I'm going to take a look into one of these...
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