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Astrotec AM90

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #502 in Universal Fit


Pros: Clear sound, natural bass, great build

Cons: Gave me a massive headache after only minutes of use, thinnest mids I've ever heard before, next-to-zero soundstage.

I purchased these IEMs after reading about them in ljokerl's Multi IEM review thread. Needless to say, the sound was different than what I expected. 

Build - These are very, very well built IEMs. Iron housing, good stress relievers, and a cable that flexes with ease. Build was absolutely stunning. 

Isolation -  These isolated very well, at least for me. Never had better isolation from an IEM in this price range before.

Comfort - The comfort on these were absolutely atrocious. I literally got a headache within minutes of use. They really did cause me pain. I couldn't stand it. I had to take them out only after around 15 minutes, because I had a pretty large headache just from these, and it lasted hours after removal. 


Highs -  As expected, these are Über clear. Very, very revealing IEMs. I loved what I heard from these. I didn't find them to be too bright or sparkly, though, but I definitely wouldn't call them dark or anything. 

Mids - I was very disappointed by the midrange I heard from these. It was flat, dull, and non-lively. Sure, as an IEM, mids aren't going to be as great as an over-ear pair for the same cost, but the mids on these were very underwhelming. I've heard better mids from a pair of $10 Sony IEMs. 

Lows - The lows produced by these sound very natural. Very controlled, as well. I would say they have the perfect amount of bass-response from a neutral-sounding IEM. Much, much better than something like the Monoprice 8320/9927, which are also neutral.

Soundstage - I never have heard anything sound so condensed in my life. The soundstage that was produced from these IEMs was just non-existent. Even less than your generic 'Hi-Fi earbud' from Sentry. I was extremely disappointed by these in this aspect.   

Conclusion - After trying these, I felt that they didn't live up to the rating that ljokerl gave them at all. I wouldn't really recommend these to anyone, truthfully, unless you're a masochist or something. 

Astrotec AM90

Founded in 2001, Astrotec intially focus on OEM manufacturing. In 2012, it decided to enter into the IEM market with the brand name Astrotec. The AM90 is it's first effort. With a metal housing, a Knowles balanced armature and an irrestible pricing, the AM90 is bound to make waves in the budget IEM category! Features The Astrotec AM-90 earphone is leading the International Moving Iron technology The frequency response of this earphone is stable, it can’t be affect by the temperature and humidity change Low impedance ,easy to drive , suitable for a lot of music player Bring you more pure music space with good soundproofed effect The leakproof sound design is help for your hearing

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