Apple iPod touch 8 GB (1st Generation) OLD MODEL Reviews


Blessed by chance


Pros: Visual Interface, Top of the line components, Unlimited External Components

Cons: Battery Life, No Expandability, No FLAC support, No new updates available

  This is one of my two current iPods (the other being the iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen). I have to confess, I found this lying on the floor in a parking lot at 3pm. I waited for like thirty minutes talking to my friend to see if someone would come back so I could return it, but nobody came back. It didn't have a lock code, so I went in to see if I could use something to return it but it only had music, very bad music too.    I find this iPod lacking in some aspects, but I think that at the time it came out it was revolutionary. However, that was years ago. Back in 2007, everything was very different. iPods were everything, but this is what paved the way for the modern...
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