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A Review On: Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation

Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation

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Best sound ever on a portable player.
Good UI, Best ever SQ for iDevices
best sounding portables?
astell & kern ak240 and fiio x5 say hi
Meh . I would write something more decent, but I'm to lazy.
I do think sou'.
iPod touch 5G and iBasso DX100 are still the best. The AK240 is a piece of junk, like the X5.
Fanboy much?
ak240: clearly overpriced but  not junk
Fiio x5: idk why you're saying its junk
Ipod touch 5g: it simply doesnt sound as good as the others
decent but nothing too special
why ak240 is a junk and yes clearly over and  over and overprice LOL? why x5 is a junk?
that was the question...