Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation Reviews

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Not worth the money.


Pros: Non-noticeably bigger screen, better camera

Cons: Looks bad, overpriced.

Definitely not worth the money. Interface is obviously the same old thing since 2007. Lack of innovation. Am getting bored of apple products.   Not a revolutionary product.

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Flat Response And Beautiful User Interface


Pros: Robust High Volume Output

Cons: Price VS Song Holding Capacity on Ken Rockwell To See The Spectacular Measurements!The 16GB Apple IPod Touch 5 Generation Player5th gen: 800 MHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9512MB RAM-DRAM [1] [[SPOILER]]       As expected, the iPod Touch 5G's response is ruler-flat.It Just Does Not Get Better Than This What can I say, I'm no DAP expert but have owned my share of players over the years. I purchased the 1st Touch when it came out in 2007. I own the Apple IPod Video and"Mini", The Nano, The Shuffle, The IPad 3 and the IPad Retina Mini. After using all I believe the Touch 5th Generation is the loudest and sounds the best. These improvements have been...
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