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Gifted iPod Touch 4G 8GB White Review

A Review On: Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation 8GB White

Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation 8GB White

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-Simple Interface




-iTunes is needed to move files on and off the device

-Proprietary 30-pin dock connector

-Battery life is a bit short

-Horrible speaker (expected though)

-prone to scratches

-no microSD or SD card slot


I received this iPod Touch 4G 8GB White as a gift earlier this month/late July. The device itself is rather attractive. The tempered glass looks extremely nice. iOS 5 has also been nice to use: it's simple and straight-forward. I don't have too much bad things to say about it, as much as I dislike Apple, but this review is supposed to be about the device itself, so this won't be elaborated on.


The device feels rather solid, although I've seen plenty of broken screens so this is definitely something you don't want to drop. The device has a decent weight to it, a little light but it's nothing to complain about. The back unfortunately is prone to scratches. However, because of the packaging (the iPod Touch rests on a plastic plate when in the box), there were already a few scratches on it. The screen can be scratched after a bit too, so a case and screen protector are recommended.


Sound quality through LOD or the 3.5mm jack is something I cannot comment on, because at the time of writing, I do not own any audiophile gear (the title of "Headphone Supremus" is a fake status. The status system is based off number of posts, so it isn't very accurate). The speaker does sound bad though. There is very little bass, and it sounds a bit bright in some cases.


One large complaint is that you can't expand the storage. 8GB is extremely limiting. Your best solution would be to use an application to stream music such as Amazon MP3 or Sugarsync (I don't believe Dropbox can sync music).


The proprietary connector is definitely annoying, but you can always buy one from Amazon or Monoprice for a few dollars, so it isn't too much to complain about.


My largest complaint is the fact that you must use iTunes on your computer if you ever want to move anything from or to the iPod using the computer.

1 Comment:

I find it hard to believe that the device came to you scratched. Especially in a sealed package. I can understand the back if enough stuff got in, but not the way it was sealed. The screen is extremely hard to scratch since it's glass. Unless you play with iron filings at home or took it to the beach, it really can't be scratched. Unless you carry diamonds in your pockets XD
There are ways to sync music to the iPod without iTunes, they are third party though. I know the stock music player on Unbuntu can do this (since it doesn't have a version of iTunes). There are others as well. Purchasing and having apps can be done through the iPod and iCloud for backup. Yes, there are limitations, but you aren't entirely tethered to iTunes any longer.
I'll agree that the back is easily scratched (a little too easy). The front, well, like I said, unless you play with iron filings on the screen and rub them in, carry diamonds in your pocket (or intentionally scratch the screen with it), or play in sand, it's not going to scratch. It's most likely a grease or oil stain (use damp cloth to rub it out).