Doesn't sound as bad as they say!

A Review On: Apple iPod Earphones Headphones for iPod Nano, Touch & Classic

Apple iPod Earphones Headphones for iPod Nano, Touch & Classic

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Pros: Free, okay sound

Cons: Nothing special, non-audible bass until 150-200 Hz

After reading InnerFidelity's article about the Apple iBuds, I was definitely curious about how they really sound. I was genuinely surprised, as I expected a tinny sound out of them, but no. It was relatively neutral for me, until the bass area, where they severely lacked. It had better tonal accuracy than my $20 Denon AH-C260. They also performed better in mids and highs compared with the same IEM, but the Denon's win out in bass, however it is muddy, it was satisfying enough for EDM. The iBuds had clearer bass but it was barely audible. If you try to cover the four holes with your fingers, it gets muddy, congested, loses its tone, etc. 
So far, I believe it doesn't deserve its poor bashings, as it was obviously better than their old iBuds, which really deserved its bad name.

Gear used: iPod classic "7G" > LOD > iBasso T4


If ibuds deserve any trashing it's for comfort. They are horrendously uncomfortable.
For me they were kinda nice.. when you're stationary. They fall out really fast with any movement you make with your head. I used to use them for jogging, what a pain to stop every 10 meters just to shove them back in.
Comply's tips for them look promising though..
how can you change tips on an earbud? Its not an iem.
Acoustibuds would probably do a better job. I wouldn't know from experience though, I haven't tried them.
@Crashonskis : Some earbuds have "sleeves" that are usually made up of foam. An example is the Sennheiser MX980.
Comply's use snap-ons.