Its for free, don't expect it to sound good

A Review On: Apple iPod Earphones Headphones for iPod Nano, Touch & Classic

Apple iPod Earphones Headphones for iPod Nano, Touch & Classic

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Pros: free, light, minimalistic, soft cable

Cons: lasts for about 7 month, not exactly mind blowing

These are not going to make you stand out in the crowd or have a non-audiophile teen laugh at your "lame, not by dr dre *insert audiophile headphone here ", but nor do they have eargasmic sound. You get what you paid for, which is nothing.


7 months? I must have the worst luck in the world because I used to have to replace these things every month. One of the earphones would just stop working out of nowhere every single time.
"A wise man will spend neither too much nor too little." There are many things you could offer to give me for free that I would respectfully decline, these being one of them. There is, no doubt, a value to them as many who don't care about the quality of the sound they listen to are perfectly happy to have a free set of earbuds and not have to think about it. I can't imagine said people would be looking for advice on head-fi. If you are looking for advice on head-fi, quite clearly you are not satisfied with your freebie earbuds, and should head-fi do well by you, they should soon have no value for you.