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Apple iPod classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL Reviews

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Great Player


Pros: Build quality, battery, user interface, ascetics

Cons: Price, has to use iTunes, back is a scratch magnet

OVERVIEW   Great looking DAP, but I'm sure that if you have been on planet Earth for the past 10 years or so its safe to assume that the iPod looks is not a novelty.   The interface is a breeze, even if you are not accustom to IOS and apple devices. The OS for the iPod classic is unique to all the other apple devices. One do however has to be familiar with iTunes to sync, and that will force to convert the FLAC files to Apple Lossless. Not a big deal for me, both are perfectly fine.    Battery life is spectacular! More than 24 hours easy easy, cant tell for certain the exact numbers but i change it only once or twice a week.    Still uses the 30pin...
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Pros: Durability, Storage, Battery Life, Sound Quality, Interface

Cons: Contains Cirrus® Technology

The two main features of this portable player that stole my attention are the battery life (a single charge will last me all week) and the amount of storage you get (160 GB). Even though this iPod contains a Cirrus chip, it still sounds great with a pair of decent headphones. As far as the iPod brand goes, my last iPod I purchased in 2004 and still works today. This is the "Nokia" of media players! If you are going to be using this on your home-based Hi-Fi I recommend buying the universal dock bundle. The built-in DAC does a good job for on-the-go listening, however if you're looking to include its use in your home system, invest in the dock, you won't be disappointed! I also...
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ipod keeper


Pros: everthing

Cons: none

got to love it.this isn't my only iPod I purchased. ive had ipod 15,30, I bought it for its large hard drive. I didn't stil fill it yet. I have bought many headphones for my ipod 160. it got real expensive. I finally .found just the right headphones. skull candy aviators they are a marriage made in heaven. .  

iPod Classic 160GB


Pros: Good capacity,

Cons: iTunes is an absolutely horrible program, laggy interface, noisy HD, bad equaliser, can't play flac, scratched far too easily,

Battery doesn't last 36 hours like it says.

Ipod Classic 160GB


Pros: huge capacity, good build quality

Cons: none

I got a classic to replace my 30GB Ipod Video after it was stolen.  It has decent audio quality with a good set of IEMs but lacks the power to drive a set of larger cans.  It does have a bit of lag as others have said but is not really a big deal once you start listening to music and is unnoticeable when jumping from tracks, however there is a company that makes a kit to convert them to use a compact flash cards which would take care of any lag and can be had in capacities as large as 128GB.  The classic is extremely tough and I have had for about 4 years and it works just as well as the day I got it despite it being abused and dropped constantly.  The only other...
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Anything whenever, wherever, all day and night


Pros: Amazing capacity, battery life, style

Cons: Abuse it, hardrive bye bye, stainless steel back

The iPod has been an icon of portable music for almost a decade, and the Classic still lives up to its original expectations; battery life, capacity, while providing decent portability.  I had one before and it was stolen, it feels so good to have one again! If you can afford it, buy it.   For this one, I bought some generic screen protectors to protect the stainless steel back and the glass screen, I recommend you do so also. I know if you use the classic for excersise or hard activity, your increasing the chances of the harddrive doing funny things and messing up.

160 gigabytes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pros: CAPACITY, the UI is nice and the album slideshow is awesome, battery life is good,

Cons: Not solid state (this capacity in ss would cost $300 more), Apple does not have FLAC support

There really isn't a whole lot to say. This player will hold a s*!t-load of music and/or movies and/or pictures, but I only use it for music. The hard disk is a little loud at times and it lags somewhat as well, but at 160 gb they couldn't have put solid state drives in yet.
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