iPod classic: Couldn't ask for any better.

A Review On: Apple iPod classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

Apple iPod classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

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Pros: Line out, Capacity, Rockbox (and therefore native .FLAC support), Ruler-flat frequency response, battery.

It's exactly what it says it is. I've tried some great looking, incredibly expensive DAPs - Honestly, in my opinion, a lot of them just add colouration, or EQ, or look pretty. Some of them do perform well, but fall short in many areas.

If you just want your music files to be reproduced exactly as they were mastered, with a line-out to pipe your music into any amplification you might require.. Get this device.

Pinpoint accurate, to points that are far beyond the limits of human hearing. Adds no colouration, and Rockbox has fantastic EQ and crossfeed options if you want, not to mention .FLAC playback.

A lot of people will hate on this device because it is mass-produced, and loved by the general population.. If you're thinking about an expensive portable DAP, just be wary of what you're buying.

When you spend hundreds more, on a DAP that has less battery, capacity, playback options or general functionality, ask yourself - why not spend the money on headphones that will make a significant difference? 


My personal model is the black model, not silver. The only difference is the exterior colour. I've also put a vinyl skin on it, and installed Rockbox custom firmware. 



I am quite new to Rockboxing ipod classics but I am not sure there is a fully functional rockbox for 7th generation. How did you do that? Would you mind explaining I am really interesting.
Hey there, AmberOzL! There is fully functioning Rockbox builds for the iPod classic.

There is a thread here, discussing it:


Read the first post)

Once you have it up and running, I personally recommend installing this popular build:

t's best for battery lift, stability and UI speed.

Any other questions, let me know.
Thank man, it seems like there is a lot to read, I will take my time :)
One question about the amplification.
Can it drive any headphone? I mean my experience with Apple devices is their amplification is so sacrificed the music just doesn't play, no matter what. So probably this needs an external amp connected through line out.
And if I had to guess, this is the year Apple is going to release 24/96 on iTunes store plus remastering, plus the whole spectrum of devices that support it.
I love iPods. FLAT response, very low impedance and ultra low distortion!
Beyond 16 bit 44 you can't hear any difference so the whole hi-rez fad is at best questionable. I like iPods with a decent external amp. I must admit that my Blackberry Z10 with Neutron as the player is amazing, sold my pods because of that.