iPod Classic 160GB

A Review On: Apple iPod classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

Apple iPod classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

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Pros: Good capacity,

Cons: iTunes is a bad program, laggy interface, can't play flac,

Battery doesn't last 36 hours like it says.


If you didn't get 36 hours battery, then you weren't following these conditions....
"Apple runs tests for battery life using songs encoded at 128-Kbps AAC and songs purchased from the iTunes Store (128-Kbps AAC). The songs are played continuously through a playlist without interruption, with backlight and equalizer off."
I thought that the battery life is good enough for daily uses. Just get a portable battery supply If you travel often. iTunes is annoying at the beginning, but it gets really handy after you get used to it.
iTunes isn't horrible like you said, maybe you don't like Apple or you just haven't made your way around it. If you complain about it not being able to play FLAC, just get XRECode which is a free converter. I use it for my FLACs and it's really easy to use.