Best MP3 player for those with a large music collection

A Review On: Apple iPod classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

Apple iPod classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

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Pros: Fantastic battery life, Good audio quality, Great battery life, good design

Cons: HDD can be fragile at times

Due to the great battery life and an immensely large capacity, it's the optimal mp3 for those with a large collection.


It's also quite durable, I've had mine for 5 years now, and it still works fantastically and looks great too (practically new apart from a few scratches on the back).


I think you may have been quick to rate the Audio Quality, User Interface, and Value. Audio Quality in the classics has been going downhill with every gen. The User Interface is nice, but lacking simple features that audiophiles know and love (EQ, Flac Playback, etc.) it kind of disappoints. I don't get why you found this to be a good value. You can get a Sansa clip and a 64GB MicroSD card for around $100, which will outperform this in all areas besides storage. That being said I appreciate the storage on my 6G, so I think you made the right call on the title.
Well agreed on audio quality declining since 5G, but I still think it is well above average for an mp3 player.
Though I do have a few points to make;
- you can set a custom EQ: you just need to go on iTunes make a custom EQ and save it. When the iPod is synced the custom EQ will be too.
- you can play flac, you just need to convert it to alac (which is also lossless). There are free programs available that do a fantastic job at that.
or just install rockbox like i did, great audio quality, great EQ and more, also it plays flac and is drag and drop, no itunes required.
Hi, thanks for that review. Good to know it can last up to 5 years! I was debating whether to buy a 4-year warranty along with it. Would you say I don't need it? I am gonna get a case (a CapsuleClassic), so hopefully that'll be protection enough.
I had a Sansa clip before, but found the sync-ing and labeling of songs to be impossible using iTunes and other apps were too much a pain to use.