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A Review On: Apple iPod classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

Apple iPod classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

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Pros: Amazing capacity, battery life, style

Cons: Abuse it, hardrive bye bye, stainless steel back

The iPod has been an icon of portable music for almost a decade, and the Classic still lives up to its original expectations; battery life, capacity, while providing decent portability.  I had one before and it was stolen, it feels so good to have one again! If you can afford it, buy it.


For this one, I bought some generic screen protectors to protect the stainless steel back and the glass screen, I recommend you do so also. I know if you use the classic for excersise or hard activity, your increasing the chances of the harddrive doing funny things and messing up.


Of course it can play music videos.
OK I figured it out. Edited accordingly