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A Review On: Apple iPod classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

Apple iPod classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

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Pros: Build quality, battery, user interface, ascetics

Cons: Price, has to use iTunes, back is a scratch magnet



Great looking DAP, but I'm sure that if you have been on planet Earth for the past 10 years or so its safe to assume that the iPod looks is not a novelty.


The interface is a breeze, even if you are not accustom to IOS and apple devices. The OS for the iPod classic is unique to all the other apple devices. One do however has to be familiar with iTunes to sync, and that will force to convert the FLAC files to Apple Lossless. Not a big deal for me, both are perfectly fine. 


Battery life is spectacular! More than 24 hours easy easy, cant tell for certain the exact numbers but i change it only once or twice a week. 


Still uses the 30pin connector, what is actually a good thing. The new Lighting connector does not support line out, so yey!



Lossless files can only be max 48.000kHz

Use XLD to convert Flac to Apple Lossless (Mac users, i care not for Windows) 

XLD can also convert frequency rate and do bulk conversion





The build quality is amazing, not manny companies know how to make a product feel as premium as Apple. If fells so good in your hands, and the new iPod classic is quite thin also.


Back of the item is a scratch magnet, if you decide to not use a cover for some reason (like me) don't worry too much about the back. It can be easily polished, just use a Dremel or a cheap attachment for your screw driver and you are awesome to go! Don't forget to use a polish paste.




The sound quality on the iPod Classic is for all purposes really good. It is not very clean amplification, my Shure SE535 do get some light his at very low volumes. But again, those things are so sensitive. Any other headphone of mine is clear as a whistle. 


It add some sparkle to the reproduction, it improves sound stage but i feel that it is a little rolled off on the lows. 


It is a perfect addition to my SE215LTD and SE353 as they do roll off a little on highs. My Grados are already so bright, so i cant very much hear the difference. 


That been said, these characteristics are extremely minor. I have to listen to ****t stack back and fourth to get difference. 




Great product! Go for it!!


106GB, great build quality, outstanding battery life, user friendly, looks great (to my eyes).


A strong point over the Fiio X3 and X5 (the most popular competition on Head-Fi) is Apple support, they are constantly updating softwares and fixing bugs. Chances that you will have a defective product and struggle back and fourth with china is about 0.001%.


It is not the cheapest, the X3 comes $50 cheaper, but after you added a 126GB SD its almost there anyway.

It was very scratched, just polish it and BOOM! awesome again!


Nice review, however various forum threads point to the fact that Fiio are still updating the x3 as well as the x5 in terms of firmware.  In terms of reliability, so long as you purchase from somewhere with a good returns policy (amazon and the like) then you should be fine (no I don't own any fiio products and am not affiliated with them.)
Other than that spot on.
Yeah the X3 and the X5 just got a new firmware update last week to be honest. I think that the X5 even got hardware upgrades, not 100% sure. However, my point is that a company such as apple has infinite more resources than Fiio or any other Chinese company. So their software and hardware development is more stable. 
That been said, Fiio has very good quality control and user interface, adverse to iBasso for example that has so much quality complaints. 
For you lucky people in USA Amazon is the best way, in South Africa i can only get it from Ebay that is why i pointed out the back and fourth with China comment.