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A Review On: Apple iPod classic 160 GB Black (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

Apple iPod classic 160 GB Black (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

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Pros: sound quality, built, size, capacity

Cons: no built-in mike, no radio, no customizable EQ, no audio cables included

First off: I’m coming from a Creative Zen Vision M 60 GB which very unfortunately died on me.

I was very satisfied with this gismo. Sadly they don’t make them anymore, otherwise I would have bought a new one.

Considering all things I find important, only the IPod Classic would do.

This fine machine ticks most of the boxes: large capacity, excellent sound quality, no touch screen, storing of pictures and movies. The things I miss, compared to the Zen, are a customizable equaliser (so I can match different headphones better), a built-in mike, a programmable function knob and a radio. The thing I hated most was the necessity of ITunes. Fortunately, some genius made a plug-in for Winamp, my favourite player, and the IPod now synchronises perfectly without ITunes.

You see, I had to part with some nice features when I chose the IPod classic, but rather surprisingly, I gained sound quality. When I decided on the Zen a few years back, one very important reason was the SQ. Or I didn’t audition very well at that time, or this new IPod just has better sound than his predecessors.



It took some getting used to, but this is a very fine machine. Most other IPods wouldn’t do because of the touch screen. I often operate the player in the dark (like in bed) and I have to feel the knobs to control it.

I hardly miss a radio (there are other ways);

I sometimes miss a built-in mike, but I know I can get a tack for that;

I found a so-so setting for the eq. that gets me by with one of my cans (on the other ones I don’t use eq)

I gained capacity (160 against 60 GB)

This Pod has a much faster response time when starting up

The sound quality is marvellous for a portable player

It’s not cheap, but the Zen did cost me about the same a few years ago.


For home use, I bought an Onkyo media transport (like a dock) which surpasses the built-in DAC and lets me use the DAC of my Yamaha receiver. This showes the Ipod DAC is very good.


mike = microphone. You can use it for dictation for instance. You can buy one afterwards.