Apple iPod classic 160 GB (7th Generation) Reviews

White Lotus

iPod classic: Couldn't ask for any better.


Pros: Line out, Capacity, Rockbox (and therefore native .FLAC support), Ruler-flat frequency response, battery.

It's exactly what it says it is. I've tried some great looking, incredibly expensive DAPs - Honestly, in my opinion, a lot of them just add colouration, or EQ, or look pretty. Some of them do perform well, but fall short in many areas. If you just want your music files to be reproduced exactly as they were mastered, with a line-out to pipe your music into any amplification you might require.. Get this device. Pinpoint accurate, to points that are far beyond the limits of human hearing. Adds no colouration, and Rockbox has fantastic EQ and crossfeed options if you want, not to mention .FLAC playback. A lot of people will hate on this device because it is mass-produced, and loved by...
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Get the iPod 5.5 gen instead (or Sansa)


Pros: Great build quality

Cons: Cirrus audio chip, iOS, bad EQ.

i got this from a friend of mine for free becuase he had just gotten an iphone 4s (hes not an audiophile) so he gave me this. I was gratefull ofcourse and i decided to try it out instead of my sansa. the sansa wins easily, the ipod sounds meh, not very accurate and the bass is uneven/rumbly. i then traded this for an ipod 5.5 which i rockboxed later on and now i am happy.

iPod Classic 160GB


Pros: Easy to use, very large capacity

Cons: Inbuilt DAC is good but compromise

Brilliant for sheer storage size but it fills up quickly if you like videos, or have a lot of music at high bitrates or lossless. It's an iPod so the interface is easy.   Sound great for trains and other mobile use, worth pairing up with decent in ears to get some isolation and reduce the sound levels for sustained listening.   For stereo/hifi or in-house use buy a dock or cable that plugs into the bottom. The internal DAC is pretty good but is a compromise that is quite reasonable in such a small device. It gives pretty decent stereo rather than hifi - this becomes more apparent when you've heard an iPod through a digital dock and DAC, like the NS-D1 or...
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Great player


Pros: Classic design, large capacity, dac is ok, battery life

Cons: bad EQ, hdd issue. UI can be slow at time ( hdd )

I like mine so much, that I will mod it with a msata ssd and tarkan iflash. My HDD begin to show sign of wear but this player is very sturdy. I always listen to my music on studio headphones and with no EQ. But if you want to use the EQ, stay away. Its so rubbish I cant believe it. At the moment you use an eq setting for the bass, bass become distorted and ugly.  

Great Player


Pros: Build quality, battery, user interface, ascetics

Cons: Price, has to use iTunes, back is a scratch magnet

OVERVIEW   Great looking DAP, but I'm sure that if you have been on planet Earth for the past 10 years or so its safe to assume that the iPod looks is not a novelty.   The interface is a breeze, even if you are not accustom to IOS and apple devices. The OS for the iPod classic is unique to all the other apple devices. One do however has to be familiar with iTunes to sync, and that will force to convert the FLAC files to Apple Lossless. Not a big deal for me, both are perfectly fine.    Battery life is spectacular! More than 24 hours easy easy, cant tell for certain the exact numbers but i change it only once or twice a week.    Still uses the 30pin...
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fluffyberry a good way


Pros: battery life, support for wide range of file types, storage space for everything

Cons: not the best sound quality, scratches easily, chunky, dont bother with the EQ

Just some background stuff before the review...this is the second source i have owned dedicated to music (i.e not listening to music off my iphone) so i don't have much experience with high end sources. all impressions were formed listening to 320kbps mp3 or lossless rips on the eytomic hf5s unamped across a wide range of music genres, so here goes.   i bought this after reading through a bunch of reviews on headfi and have been using it for quite some time, switching between this and my old iphone 4, which i pretty much use only for music and videos, and (very occasionally) my galaxy ace 3, so there will be some comparisons where i can provide them.   Build: the first...
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Great for Storage, not so great on uncompressed audio


Pros: Masive Storage

Cons: The anti-skip protection that caches the audio doesn't work well with uncompressed audio formats

The iPod is great to store your audio and obviously works fantastically with iTunes, however it does seem to skip tracks randomly and doesn't handle 48Khz/16bit WAV files very well, almost skipping at least 1 out of 3 tracks. This is apparently due to the anti skip protection cache not having enough memory to store the uncompressed data in.



Pros: Durability, Storage, Battery Life, Sound Quality, Interface

Cons: Contains Cirrus® Technology

The two main features of this portable player that stole my attention are the battery life (a single charge will last me all week) and the amount of storage you get (160 GB). Even though this iPod contains a Cirrus chip, it still sounds great with a pair of decent headphones. As far as the iPod brand goes, my last iPod I purchased in 2004 and still works today. This is the "Nokia" of media players! If you are going to be using this on your home-based Hi-Fi I recommend buying the universal dock bundle. The built-in DAC does a good job for on-the-go listening, however if you're looking to include its use in your home system, invest in the dock, you won't be disappointed! I also...
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ipod keeper


Pros: everthing

Cons: none

got to love it.this isn't my only iPod I purchased. ive had ipod 15,30, I bought it for its large hard drive. I didn't stil fill it yet. I have bought many headphones for my ipod 160. it got real expensive. I finally .found just the right headphones. skull candy aviators they are a marriage made in heaven. .  



Pros: 160 f***ing gigabytes!!Durable,Good Build quality

Cons: Bad EQ

Good player but the EQ isnt so good...