Okay compared to newer gen

A Review On: Apple iPod 16GB 2nd Gen

Apple iPod 16GB 2nd Gen

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Cons: Battery life, no apps

I dont reccomend this ipod.

I paid 50 and I'm sattisfied

Get the newer gen, anything below this is crap
I cant have fun in the app store, It only runs IOS 4.2.1, meaning I need a 3g^

Overall Great music player, Interface is great, better than my fuze, more fun and better organized

Battery life is awful, I could use it all day with the exception of brightness on low

If you pay 100 you are getting ripped off, I was told this ipod was recently purchased and was upset to see a 2g, but glad i only payed 50, my fuze was 70 and I dropped it many times until it broke, this ipod is very strong for me since I run with it.

Another, thing, I cant use apps from installous and it crashed while jailbroken,

I miss my 3g, It had a huge difference in quality

If you have 100 dollars, dont buy this, I know the 5g is expensive but it's a better deal


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