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Apple iPod 16GB 2nd Gen

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Smiling Jack
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Pros: Friendly interface, easy to use, 3rd party potential

Cons: Battery life degrades over time, standard buds subpar, sound quality average

I purchased this with money saved over during the '09 winter. As with all Apple Products, iTunes is required in order to activate the product. This could be seen as a pro or con, depending on your preferences.


The iPhone operating system runs smoothly, and displays itself clearly and neatly to the user. It's ease of use allows those who have never used a touch screen device to quickly become accustomed to it. Applications are available from a vast amount of developers on the App store, and can quickly transform your device into a one-of-a-kind object. The option to "jailbreak" the device further increases its appeal.


I think that the device, however, is subpar in audio output. Compared to my other MP3 players, the bass lacks, and the treble can prove harsh when played loud. The ear-buds that come with the iPod are laughable, and should be used as a backup to your primary headgear. Battery life tends to decrease over time, so like other electronics, should only be charged when near dying.


Overall, the product is exceptional in both entertainment and style, but lets down on audio output.

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i found of all the ipods i have tried this has the best sound quality.