Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone 32GB Reviews


Excellent pocket computer


Pros: Fast, build quality, design, sound quality, user interface, camera,

Cons: ibuds, crappy phone speakers, smudge marks, some people complain about dropped calls, large monthly fee

Hello head-fi   I recently decided i would get my first smart phone and that it would be an iphone. Now i don't want to write a wall of words but i will do it anyways.     Design/Durability When buying a smart phone which you take everywhere durability is very important. Plastic is generally the most commonly used material that tends to get the job done but looks cheap. Compared to competing smart phones the iPhone 4 has a glass front and glass back with a metal piece going around the phone. It looks amazingly expensive and feels premium. But the glass worries me. If i were to drop this from a decent hight the glass could crack or shatter. I recommend a heavy...
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iPhone 4 32GB Unlocked Review


Pros: Retina Display, Multi-Tasking, Design

Cons: Speakers, Antenna,

I've only owned one iPhone before which was the 1st generation one or also known as iPhone 2G. And thus my review will be compare to that phone, which gives the iPhone 4 a massive advantage in this review.   First the interface, which has greatly improved since iPhone 2G, it is way more "snappier" and responsive. The processor A4 has improved that even compared to the iPhone 3G S. (So I have heard).   As for the display there is no question, the Retina display is currently the best out there, might not have the highest resolution, but is way more detailed, sharper and colorful.   The new design is all about your own personal preferences, some...
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