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A Review On: Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

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Pros: Comfort, Audio Experience, Packaging, Remote/Mic, Detachable Metal Filters

Cons: Color

This review is written from the perspective of the average listener, one who wouldn't have a portable amp and would more than likely use these with their iPod.



Out of the various IEMs I've tried out, these were definitely packaged the best. Everything was simplistic with a sleek feel to it. The IEMs came with a hard plastic wrap around carrier, a holder for your spare tips, and an additional set up metal filters. I was impressed with how professional everything was packaged.



When I purchased these I had very little experience with IEMs, other than cheap ones of various kinds. I wasn't expecting these to be very pleasant, similar to my past experiences, boy was I wrong. With the medium silicon tips I was able to get a fantastic seal that I had no problem keeping in my ears for hours. These are to this day one of the most comfortable IEM's I've ever worn.



Simple and clean, from the casing to the inline mic. My only gripe with these is that they only came in white, which quickly got discolored on daily use. As for the quality of these? These lasted me well over a year of abuse. When I say abuse, I put these through 10 miles of bike riding a day, 2 miles of running 3 days a week, and general outside use. These headphones showed the wear and tear, but never stopped working, until a guinea pig ate them.


The biggest thing that caught my eye about these was that they have two drivers inside of them. I had no idea that IEMs could house two drivers when I first saw these. I then found out that they are actually the cheapest dual driver IEMs on the market. It definitely made me happy I randomly bought these. I also liked the addition of the inline remote/mic.



This is where the headphones surprised me the most. I remember first putting them in, not knowing what to expect. The first song I heard I do not remember, but I remember my reaction, "Music can sound this good?" As these were my first "audiophile" headphones.


The bass is clear, tight, strong, while not interfering with the mids. The bass doesn't extend very far, but far enough to give these a nice warm sound to them, rather relaxed. The mids are very clear, vocals are prominent and very clear. I was completely blown away by the mids. In-fact I believe the mids on these are better than most full-sized headphones under $100 including the Ad700. The highs are also clear, and certainly able to easily be picked out while not being intrusive or fatiguing.


The soundstage isn't huge. I would best describe it as standing in the center of a 15x15 room with good acoustics and each musician surrounding you. By this I mean that while there is not a huge soundstage, every instrument feels rather "intimate", but there's clear separation in each. Basically what I'm saying is the soundstage isn't great, but the instrument separation is wonderful regardless. Nothing feels mashed up.


The isolation on these are top notch. When riding my bike I was barely able to hear traffic with no music playing. Sadly the microponics didn't fare so well, when jogging these headphones needed to be worn a specific way just in order to make the music able to be heard over the cord.


These headphones are considered "dark" sounding by some, I consider them warm. They are fun to listen to headphones with great instrument separation. The bass is controlled thanks to the dedicated driver for it, and the mids and highs are top-notch. For comparison purposes, these sound very similar to D-Jays.



For the $65 they can be had on Amazon for, they may not be the best quality to money ratio if you're only considering these for music listening. As I said before many compare these to D-Jays, and I absolutely loved these compared to my RE0. I actually completely regretted buying the RE0 over these again, and this is after delving further into the "audiphile" world. One thing though a lot of people forget about when considering the price is the inline mic/controls which work with the iPhone 4.


I highly recommend these if you have an iPhone you also use as your DAP. If you're using them specifically for audio purposes I would compare these to Jays D-Jays and come to your own conclusion. 


Please keep in mind my ratings are in comparison to similarly priced IEMs, not compared to $1,000 IEMs.


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