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Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: Apple, cheap, light, has a remote and mic, AMAZING for the price

Cons: lots of fakes, isolation is almost non-existant, stock tips have a weird bulb shape

I paid only $30 for these from eBay. For anyone who isn't a basshead, this is the PERFECT budget IEM for you. Nice detail, controlled bass, treble that doesn't pierce your ears. If you want to try the RE0 but you're not sure if you'd like it, you should start with this. Just make sure it isn't a fake, because there are a lot of those around. Soundstage is kinda small, and isolation is only slightly better than an earbud, probably because of that big hole in the back of the IEM. Also, try some different tips because the stock ones are shaped in a way that they will squeeze themselves out, unless you have perfectly shaped ears.

Negative Reviews


lean sounding with little to none bass but good for non fatiguing earphones


Pros: laid back and low fatiguing earphones with remote and mic

Cons: no bass, or very little of it, silicone tips are average for comfort

these are lean sounding and non fatiguing for that reason. they really lack low end and that is why they are lean. there is no sibilance. very light and comfortable. but i did not like that they are sound isolating at first but that's everyone may find it a good thing. they are really cheap earphones and don't worth 70 euro they are sold for. so ye there is no bass, that is there is bass but very little of it. it won't impress people who like bass in music. but if you want earphones that are no fatiguing these are the one to get. apparently they are dual driver which i only found out now. microphone is pretty clear although no where near as clear as beats tour 2 microphone. these are...
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Apple's Dual Driver IEMs aren't for bass-heads but many users will be satisfied by their audio quality


Pros: Inexpensive, Exceptional clarity/transparency for the price, Fairly well balanced

Cons: Low end lacks oomph, Sound can be a tad thin,

Prelude Apple’s stock earbuds that have been shipped with every iPod since its inception are quite possibly the most prolific and widely distributed tech accessory of all time. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing a pair of these things dangling from someone’s ears. Casual listeners are bound to be satisfied by the decent performance of the earbuds but what about audiophiles? It’s hard to imagine that many audiophiles would be impressed with those earbuds and, not to mention, they just aren’t comfortable at all for long periods of use. So, what’s an audiophile to do?   Apple’s answer to this comes in the form of their revamped in-ear headphones which feature two balanced...
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Good for working out-- not much else


Pros: You can sweat all over them

Cons: They sound pretty awful

What can I say-- they do their job-- which is to protect my other headphones from use when I need to work out.  They do their job well, but let's face it--  they don't sound very good.      



Pros: Very nice design, pretty good isolation.

Cons: Harsh sound, they were overpriced and gave me poor comfort.

I had many expectations of these IEMs but unfortunately besides the great design of them they proved to be just overpriced.   Listening through an iPod shuffle (4G) I had, in the beginning I thought that something wrong was going with it. After using Comply Whoomp the sound was slightly better but the sound was harsh too.   The last try with them came through listening to a new-bought FiiO X3. LOL!!! The harsh sound was audiophiliac now!!!   Because I don't have many experience in IEMs or HPs overall I gotta say that a cheapo (7 and a little more pounds) Philips IEM pair of phones I have it's much better at least in soundstage (even though it's darker-sounding than...
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Works fine, Change my live.


Pros: price, quality, extra functions

Cons: small soft rubber parts need some care to resist longer.

Very nice boxing, very nice item, the volume button and the middle button solves a lots of problems when you are using an MAC device. The MIC quality is impressive. The silicon earbud is really soft.   I recommend it for sure.   Leo Chaves.  

Finally a good sounding earphone from Apple!


Pros: tiny size, great carry case, perfect for use with iphone

Cons: standard buds not a perfect fit

Bought these from an apple reseller store so probably paid over the odds. Sound really clear at the top end, little bit lacking in bass punch, although this is improved with better fitting buds. I find a medium Sennheiser but/tip a perfect fit, but with these, the medium bud is a little small and falls out easily, and the large is just too big. I went for the highly rated Comply Foam tips which were £15 for 3 pairs and are superb. They discolour with ear wax though :( . But the noise cancelling is great, really good in flight. They are basically an ear plug with a thin plastic tube thru the middle which fits snugly over the apple in-ear 'trumpet'.   Easily the best sounding...
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Good for what it is


Pros: Dual drivers, low cost, cord length is perfect

Cons: Poor fit, poor isolation, unreliable 'clicker'

These are good-sounding 'phones at a very low price. They seem to have a split personality, however. The are more like ear buds trying to be canalphones. The tips are not well designed for they will fall out even with a little wear time. Just a hint of body warmth and moisture will quickly cause them to slip out. It is impossible to get a good seal without scrubbing the tips and washing out your ears. Even then, it won't last long.   I guess I should have tried third-party tips. Isolation is poor, of course, because they just don't seal well. The clicker failed pretty quickly, too. Oh well.

Better than you would expect


Pros: Comfort, Audio Experience, Packaging, Remote/Mic, Detachable Metal Filters

Cons: Color

This review is written from the perspective of the average listener, one who wouldn't have a portable amp and would more than likely use these with their iPod.   Packaging: Out of the various IEMs I've tried out, these were definitely packaged the best. Everything was simplistic with a sleek feel to it. The IEMs came with a hard plastic wrap around carrier, a holder for your spare tips, and an additional set up metal filters. I was impressed with how professional everything was packaged.   Comfort: When I purchased these I had very little experience with IEMs, other than cheap ones of various kinds. I wasn't expecting these to be very pleasant, similar to my past...
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Not great


Pros: 2 Drivers for a relatively good price

Cons: Horrible fit, not emotionally moving

Included earbuds were horrible for me.  Volume adjustment died and unit had to be replaced by apple (good customer service).  I never had a good seal so can't really comment to much on quality of sound, except I don't feel like they blew me away.  People would prob say that they are great for the price.
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