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A Review On: Apple In-Ear Headphones (White)

Apple In-Ear Headphones (White)

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Pros: free?

Cons: Dirty sounding and painful

These in-ear buds come with apple products. Everyone uses them. Not much to explain, really. They are not very high quality and hurt my ear after wearing for a few minutes. Only pro besides that they are free is that I have them when my other IEM or earbuds break


they don't sound that terrible to me. i would give them at least 3 stars for sound quality considering they are free.
I could take a dump in your hand and that is free too.
Joking aside (and I'm not tryin to be rude, either, just making a joke) these things sound awful to me, and are uncomfortable as hell...thus, 1 star
The ones that came with the iPhone 4 are better than the old ones and they still suck. The sound isn't terrible although they lack extension and are thin sounding. But they sound so closed off and claustrophobic to me; which is the exact opposite of a great pair of earbuds like the old Sony's and Aiwa's or the great Yuin's and Senns of today.
Just to clarify somthing:
The headphones that come with all Apple products (iPod, iPhone, etc.) aren't the In-Ear headphones. Though they ostensibly fit in the ear, they are called either "Earphones" or "Earphones with Remote and Mic". And yes, they suck.
The In-Ear Headphones which are only sold by themselves, however, are pretty damn great. They are comfortable dual driver phones with a clear, well-balanced sound with just enough bass for me (I listen to mostly jazz and orchestral).
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