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Easy, great sound and relatively cheap

A Review On: Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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Pros: Great sound, don't isolate too much, good soundstage, incredible bass, clean treble, live mids, fair looks and low price

Cons: Not as durable as predecessor, wire gets smudged pretty quickly

Well.. first review here on Head-fi, so don't fire the bullets at me yet folks ;)

I've been listening to portable gear for over 12 years now and this has given me considerable time to define for myself what I want in a headphone. For my on-the-go setups I've used designs from all over the palette big, small, medium, with - or without - amplification and I've established that what I truly want is something that is light, small, shows a decent amount of frequency table, and DOESN'T isolate. Why no isolation? Well, for me it's a psychological thing, I noticed that wearing my AKG K390 NC in-ear's severed me from my connection to the rest of the world. Yes indeed, I became very introvert and for some reason just felt unheimisch whenever I went out. I started using my Apple earbeans and suddenly realized that I enjoyed that so much more! Now Apple has a HUGE design department and this combined with the fact that the brand was practically synonymous with the word quality always made me think: I get that these earphones are designed with a minimalistic approach but why are they so crap in the sound department?
Well it seems they've been busy developing these all these years. As an audiophile I'm ashamed to admit it but still, going mobile, I've had more fun with these plugged in than all my other headphones (K181, HD 457, PMX60, DT990....) put together. People these phones tackle anything, and not just on the earphone level, but beyond that! They're detailed, but warm; small but noticeable soundstage; they isolate but in the hinging part of a bus I can hear the bass and mids fine. Of course these are not reference class, but they're fun, detailed and I know not of any headphone that can deliver so much for just 30 euro's and comes in such an easy to use, small package! Yes they do only isolate a tat better than the old apple's but that puts them right where I want them.
A small minus is that I just got mine replaced with a new pair due to falling out on the right side. Also, the rubber seals under the phones, above the jack and against the remote deter pretty quickly, even when used with care. Next to this, the wire will take over the color of pretty much anything it touches.

I believe these are sound-wise the best EARphones I've ever heard and with the remote they are so much more preferable to any kind of rig you can attach to your mobile device and for this price and ease of use everyone should own a pair!


Just to let you know, Fostex makes all the earbuds that are included with Apple products. 
Have you tried the Dirac player app? It uses DSP to correct the EarPods' sound signature to achieve almost perfect perceived neutrality.
Oh really? well never heard any of their other products so can't comment on that. I downloaded the Dirac App, will try it next time I'm going out! 
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