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Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic Reviews


Surprisingly good when compared to previous Apple Earphones


Pros: Clear sound, good bass, comfortable, durable

Cons: Too much treble (for my taste ), terrible isolation

Hi people. I have owned a pair of these earphones for over a year now, and this is what I think about them. I am a beginner reviewer so please, have some understanding. Also, English is not my native language, I am from Croatia.   Build quality:   I bought my Apple earbuds exactly one year ago, and they feel/look/sound just the same as on the day that I bought them, even though I used them almost every day for a minimum of half an hour. Even though these earphones are made out of plastic, they feel very sturdy and solid. What amazed me the most about these earphones is the fact that when I accidentaly left them in my pocket, and washed them in the washing mashine ( how...
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Kon Peki

Best under $50 option in-ear for when isolation is not desired


Pros: Good, balanced sound. Comfortable. Not isolating. Relatively inexpensive.

Cons: Fall out of the ear easily

I've got 3 pairs of these - two came with iPhones (mic version) and one with an iPod Touch (no mic version).  All sound the same.   The EarPods sound much better than I expected they would, and despite owning many more expensive headphones, these have a regular place in my rotation.   Sound is natural and nicely balanced - very pleasing signature.   For the most part, I use them in the office, where I want to be able to listen to music but also to hear others around me.  My other headphones are either too big and bulky or too isolating.   The only downside for me is that they slip out easily, and falling out halfway on one side leads to...
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Easy, great sound and relatively cheap


Pros: Great sound, don't isolate too much, good soundstage, incredible bass, clean treble, live mids, fair looks and low price

Cons: Not as durable as predecessor, wire gets smudged pretty quickly

Well.. first review here on Head-fi, so don't fire the bullets at me yet folks ;) I've been listening to portable gear for over 12 years now and this has given me considerable time to define for myself what I want in a headphone. For my on-the-go setups I've used designs from all over the palette big, small, medium, with - or without - amplification and I've established that what I truly want is something that is light, small, shows a decent amount of frequency table, and DOESN'T isolate. Why no isolation? Well, for me it's a psychological thing, I noticed that wearing my AKG K390 NC in-ear's severed me from my connection to the rest of the world. Yes indeed, I became very...
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Not bad overall.


Pros: Comfortable, looks good, remote control and mic, overall good audio quality.

Cons: There's absolutely no audio isolation, the price is a little bit high considering the quality in general.

(Sorry for my english, but i'm writing from Italy) The earphones are not bad, as i say before, they're comfortable with an actractive look and useful with remote control and mic incorporated, the audio quality is pretty good. I got them in the packaging of the iPod nano, so I've never bought them separately, i like the audio quality considering the price but for that price range i prefer a pair of AKG or Sennheiser, overall there's absolutely no audio isolation, bad trebles and mids but good basses. For the same price range, there's many better earphones.

pretty good as earbuds go


Pros: decent bass, present mids, good soundstage

Cons: lack of sub-bass, absolutely no isolation

take what i have to say with a grain of salt. i do not own them, but i merely auditioned them at school.  i was rather skeptical about them at first, but they are not bad. i see their sound sig as something like the monoprice 8320. they have a decent of bass, without being a fart cannon, although it does not extend very well. the mids are good, especially with acoustic guitars, and the highs were present without being too shrill or sibilant. these are no match for a good iem or can, i would even choose my monoprice 8320 iem's over them, but as ear buds go, they are probably the best earbud i have ever listened to.  one thing i thought best to leave until the end, the...
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Good earphone, not superb


Pros: Good natural sound quality, no intrusive design

Cons: Poorly fit for some ears

The sound quality is good, overall. It's true improvement over the previous model, as many have claimed. But, there is an ergonomic problem. To find a proper fit position is a rather hard thing for my ears, contrary to many claims. Consequently, the bass sound is attenuated. It's still punchy but the sub-bass is missing. And, while it sounds natural due to balanced high-low, some details are missing (especially from low freq). When I hold the buds to my ears, it is clear that this earphone has lots of bass actually. Maybe the design is intended so that while the bass is plenty, it will not enter our ears entirely due to the loose-position to produce a natural sound. It is quite responsive...
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iPhone IEM

Great improvement over Earbuds


Pros: Good bass, spacious sound and separation.

Cons: They can still fall out of my ears.

Ear Pods are cool.  They sound much better than the old earbuds, because the old earbuds didn't fit me!  Compared to the Meelec M6 the bass is better and the sound is more coherent.  The bass is a little bit louder, but it is also has better impact, as if it's coming from a larger speaker.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/629335/apple-earpods-appreciation-thread     Edit:  I am enjoying using the EarPods with foam earbud covers.  Imaging and instrument separation is still far superior to the Meelec M6p.   Bass - With the foam earbud covers applied the bass on these is big and bold.  Sound wise, I really like the "breathier" feel...
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Worth it? Yes


Pros: Soundstage

Cons: Isolation

Ok, I'm not going to paste my entire review in here  it's over 4000 words, and quite probably the most comprehensive review ever of a product being delivered as a bundled product, so I'm just going to point at my actual review:   http://veven.org/reviews/2012/09/apple-earpod-review/   If you want a short TL;DR (Which I can understand, given the length):   Much better than expected bass - much better than the Nuforce NE-700X, but not quite as good as Senn HD 558 or B&W C6 Average detail reproduction: On-par with the Nuforces, but not as good as the Senns or B&W's Sound stage that beats just about any headphone, I've heard, ever! ...
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