One of the best amps I've heard so far


Great read :) Looking forward to hearing this myself!
Very nice review!
very nice review!
this amp seems to have a family resemblance to the Peak/Volcano.
the Peak has kept me very happy for a couple years.  and no desire to upgrade until i read your review.
so thanks for giving me upgrade-itis.  
excellent review!!
guess if this even faster than the ECBA though, its not for me.
i do like the design as well as the use of tubes though
Nice read. Damn, what a beautiful piece of kit. Keep telling myself that I'm no longer willing to muck about with tubes and their associated clutter, but I'd probably bite the hands of anyone that offered me one of these babies. Maybe in another life. I reckon an Apex Teton + Auralic Vega + Fostex TH900 would be heavenly with the old Sasha & Digweed Northern Exposure mixes :-)
Isn't Teton an OTL amp? What is its output impedance? I'm aware that the LCD-X has a rather high efficiency for a planar magnetic headphone, and that its impedance is purely resistive, but nevertheless it has a low impedance and based on my experience OTL amps generally don't work that well with low impedance planar magnetic headphones. But then again, the best OTL amps I've tried were Allnic HPA5000 and EC ZDSE... the Teton does look quite interesting.
As a whole, factoring in whatever factors are important to you in a piece, did you prefer the Teton to the BA?
Thanks everyone. I had fun with the amp. 
TheWuss - sorry for the upgrade-itis - I know it's hard to fight it sometimes. I only had a brief moment with the Peak/Volcano at a meet and remember it sounding very good. 
Kurochin - TH900 and HE-500s are great with Sasha & Digweed NE mixes.
songmic - That seems to be what I've read people saying. I wasn't expecting this OTL amp to be as versatile as it was. I liked it a lot with LCD-X. 
ericfarrell85 - as a whole I preferred the Teton to the BA. I can see some people choosing the BA but if I could do it all over again, I would buy the Teton instead and pay the extra cash. But right now I am more than happy with the BA.  
Great to see that the TTVJ house brand is finally getting a review on head-fi! All of their products are underrated here imo.
My mouth is watering...dreeeeeam, dream, dream, dream.
You state you had "issues" with the Liquid Glass.  Could you elaborate please?