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Anedio D1 DAC


Pros: competes with DACs costing much more, amazing clarity and transparency, elegant simple design

Cons: USB inpuit can't handle hi-res audio, no balanced option



That's a link to my detailed review. In summary:


The best DAC I've ever heard. The only thing that matched it was the MBL 1511E which is a $9000 DAC. The Anedio is identical in sound, at a much lower price, thus by far a better DAC. Please read my review for further info.


Pros: Stunning

Cons: SE outputs only

In one word: Stunning.

The best DAC I've heard bar none.

Stunning details.

Stunning clarity.

Stunning texture.

Stunning soundstage.

Stunning resolution.

Stunning neutrality.

Stunning musicality.

Expensive but still a real bargain.

Not for those looking for a colored and romantic tube sound but for everyone else it's hard to see how you could go wrong.


A DAC that will make you rediscover your music collection.

The D2 has balanced outputs and a slightly better headphone amp but if that doesn't interested you a second hand D1 is excellent if you can find one.



Anedio D1 DAC

Reference level DAC with built in headphone amp

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