Impressions of the Analog Squared Paper TUR-06 Hybrid Tube Amp

A Review On: Analog Squared Paper TUR-06 Portable Hybrid Tube Amp

Analog Squared Paper TUR-06 Portable Hybrid Tube Amp

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Pros: As with the larger brother TU-05b, this packs a punch in a smaller package. Big sound in a smaller chassis

Cons: Transportable (which is a double edge sword in this case). Charging socket could be prone to short circuit for clumsy people like myself.


The TUR-06 is the smaller brother of the TU-05b reviewed here. This hybrid tube amp was added to the offerings of Analog Squared Paper earlier this year around late January 2013. The differences between the TUR-06 and the TU-05b are :-


  • Hybrid Tube/Transistor Amp
  • 482g (vs 1kg for the TU-05b)
  • 2x1U4 (1T4)
  • estimated price to be USD$600 vs $1070 for the TU-05b


The TUR-06 is actually more practical due to its size by comparison to it's larger brother.



Sound Signature


As mentioned in my TU-05b review, I have had little experience with tube amps (portable, desktop, or speaker) until this month. My thoughts about the sound signature of the TUR-06 is compared pretty much directly with it's bigger brother. As I've not owned any portable tube amps before, I can't comment on how it sounds in comparison to, say, the likes of the ALO Continental series.


As with the TU-05b, I found the TUR-06 to really deliver a very full sound that's almost comparable to a desktop level amp. Although it's a hybrid amp, it still has a distinct tube-like signature to its presentation. The trebles extend very nicely and are smooth and airy with exquisite detail but no hint of sibilance whatsoever. Whilst the midrange, like the TU-05b, presents robust fullness especially in vocals. Listening to Jazz vocals from the "Best Audiophile Voices" series of CDs, I feel the artists are singing from the bottom of their lungs rather than just from their throat.


It's the sub-bass level of where the TUR-06 is different from the TU-05b. The TUR-06 reaches much deeper with a nice classy rumble that's very nicely textured in its rendition. Upon hearing it, the Vorzuge AmpDuo with it's Bass Boost lever flicked on came to mind as a comparison. The difference is that the TUR-06 still maintains the tube-like signature in its presentation of the bass with that analogue purr.


Although the soundstage and imaging of the TUR-06 is still wide (probably wider than some of the other solid state portable amps I've heard and owned), it's a wee-bit smaller than it's bigger brother. However all is easily forgotten just with the rest of the quality presentation the TUR-06 is able to deliver.




Again, I have to highly praise this amp. Although it's less than 1/2 the weight of it's bigger brother and it's hybrid tube amp as opposed to a Class A it's able to deliver most of what the TU-05b can and areas such as the bass, could deliver more. If one isn't concerned about it's size, SQ-wise I personally feel it'll be one of the most satisfying amps amongst it's peers (price-wise). Of the other amps I've in my possession, and for my preferences in SQ, I feel this delivers more than what my current portables can and is just midway between what my desktop tube amp (Zana Deux) can deliver. I wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending someone who wants an introduction to (trans)portable tube amps to at least give this product a listen.



Your conclusion make me wonder since... I just ordered a TU-05 and you seems to say that the TU-06 offer similar pleasure, if not more (deep bass), in a much more transportable package !! Did I made a mistake and should have ordered the TU-06 instead ?
AHHHH.... did I made a mistake ?
I just ordered a TU-05 and you seems to say that the TUR-06 can offer a sonic experience as pleasing (if not more with the Sub-bass) as the TU-05 in a much smaller package !!!
--> Did I made a mistake ordering a TU-05 instead ???
It depends. I personally liked both. If I didn't have a Zana Deux, I probably would have wanted both but since I do, I would have gotten more use out f the TUR-06. The way I look at it is the TUR-06 leans more towards the more "fun" side but still can be tube-rolled. Whilst the TU-05b is more of a traditional Class A tube amp for the purists.
Also, I don't believe the TUR-06 can be ordered yet, can it? There's no order form for it from the page. That's why put the price down as estimated since I'm not certain if it's finalised yet.
Great write-up! I'm glad you got the chance to try these amps. I'll have to check them out someday. I love small-batch, hand-made, one-man operations like this. And you were right (in your other review) about being able to carry stuff like this around Tokyo. In the bay area here, I can't carry my man bag. And if I leave this on a table somewhere while I go to the bathroom, it will be gone before I even flush. =(
Awesome! really want to get my hand on it too but i really scare that i will regret after making an order thus that i never tried it before .
Any comparison to the Alo Pan Am? In terms of SQ
May I ask for a comparison with the Cypher Labs Duet in terms of the spaciousness, instrument separation, and treble emphasis/smoothness