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A Review On: Altec Lansing UHP206 Backbeat Series In Ear Headphone with Ulitmate Ears technology

Altec Lansing UHP206 Backbeat Series In Ear Headphone with Ulitmate Ears technology

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Pros: Incredible durability, good sound for the price

Cons: Harsh highs, slightly noisy cable

I remember getting my first iPod in 2007, the 3rd generation nano. The earbuds that came with it stopped working when I left them in my pocket and washed them, so I ran out to Best Buy and picked up these since they were on sale. I actually still have them in almost the same condition, but nowadays I just use them as my occasional backups for my daily commute to school. But enough of that story, here's a quick review:



I didn't buy these for sound quality, I bought them because of the price and the cloth cord. The sound of these reflects the default Apple earbuds, so it's decent for the price. It's fairly balanced. My only problem with the sound is that sometimes the really high highs (like certain hi-hats or cymbals) can get really harsh, so I have to be careful about a few songs.



As I mentioned, I still have these, and that alone says something about the durability of these considering I treated these like crap the first few years I had these. They've been sat on, thrown around, and even washed a few times! I do like the cloth cable, but they have been known to be noisy, and this one can get noisy at times. It comes with 4 sizes of ear caps (what earphone doesn't nowadays?), which is nice since I use the small size.


At the end of the day, these are a good, durable pair of headphones. This particular model isn't in production anymore, but it is available on Amazon along with it's successors. I just wanted to review these since they were my first headphones. I'm hoping to replace them with the Shure SE215's soon.


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