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ALO Audio The Pan Am Reviews

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Compact in size but not in sound and power


Pros: Compact, can be transportable if you have Passport, sound quality of DAC is solid, and amp is top notch, very versatile.

Cons: No ability to be stand alone dace, RCA out?!...?

   I have had a little bit of experience with hybrid amps from the Vali, Little Dot 3, and finally the Fournier HTA-2. What I have not had experience is with all in one tube-hybrid/DAC which yes I have seen them around from unknown chinese versions that cost less and High end audio gear that cost so much more. I will say for this Price I think many units will have a hard time beating out this DAC/Amp. Now that fact that you can travel with this and have it connected to your laptop and or tablet on a bus or train and being listening nise 96khz files from a great amp and DAC is just a hefty plus. Mainly because I actually preferred getting the Gateway which is the aftermarket...
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Pan Am vs Lyr Impressions (For Chgm)

  This review was done at the request of fellow newbie Head-Fier Chgm.   Finally, after a long burn-in period and long listening sessions with both amps, I'm ready to give my impressions. This is specifically to test out the Schiit Lyr and the Alo Pan Am with the LCD 2 Rev.2. and songs that CHGM specifically requested (plus a few of my own additions as well).   Let’s start with the LCD 2 first. When I first put it on the first thing that popped into my head (as with most people) was “what a dark sound!”, and I do mean dark to the point where I took them off and scratched my head thinking, “did I just pay $1000K for these?”   However, remembering...
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Desktop Tube Stack That Knows What's Up!


Pros: Size, Construction, Power, Versatility

Cons: Discontinued, So-so DAC

So the Pan Am from ALO Audio. This little guy is pretty dang impressive. An excellently-built, functioning desktop solution that is pretty easy on the eyes too! For the record, I've got the whole stack - Pan Am, Passport, and Gateway. Haven't done much comparison between the two power supplies yet.   As for the sound, the presentation is not glaringly tilted towards the bright or dark end of the spectrum. In a word: neutral. Now of course the tubes you pick can change that, but it's nice to know that with a conservative tube like the Yugo 6HM5 or RTC, you're starting pretty close to neutral.   I think that DAC implementation is equal to the ODAC. Very capable and revealing...
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Tiny box, big sound


Pros: Size, portability, tube rolling, value

Cons: Machining for the tube slots a bit uneven

I'll post more impressions later
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