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A Review On: ALO Audio 'The Continental' Mobile Vacuum Tube Amplifier

ALO Audio 'The Continental' Mobile Vacuum Tube Amplifier

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David Chavez
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Pros: Wide soundstage, beautiful signature, makes things sound more 'real"

Cons: Size, does have issues around wireless things, battery life

  I found the best use for it to be with (Great with everything but shines with) live albums, vinyls, and pop albums because  it really brings out the best of the recordings making it to me sound more "alive" .  It has a slight warmth nothing that will not coat the music, just enhances it.  There will be a nice hop in sound stage depending what you were using before.  I use it to power my LCD 2 R1 so it does put out enough juice for planer magnetics minus I believe the hifiman he6.  My biggest issues would be battery life 5-7hours (will degrade to 5ish over time) is to short for me. Another big one is the size, I like the fact its like a small brick but it makes me fear getting a big DAP or buying the CLAS I don't think I would want to make it any bigger then 7mm thickness wise because then it would be a nice size stack that wouldn't be super portable.  Knob is digital I believe so it does cause some static if some dust gets in there (just remove the dust and its new again) Can be used to make cans less fatiguing.  The sound from this amp really shows off what ALO can do (smooth, natural, open) and would be a great buy for anyone. *Note when its dark you can see the tube glow through the holes which is nice.

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Tried, sound, so so..