ALO Audio has created a masterpiece of headphone listening, delivering top SET amp performance to headphones.

A Review On: ALO Audio Studio Six Tube Headphone Amplifier

ALO Audio Studio Six Tube Headphone Amplifier

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Great review mate.
Wow, what a great looking piece of gear!
Since Im in the market for a headphone amp I try to keep up with any impressions of the big contenders, and without doubt, studio 6 is among them. Interesting though, how just about every review gushes over the detail, speed, dynamics, and technicality of this amp, but nothing is said about emotion, letting you kick back, relax and let the music flow over you...for now anyway, I'm going to have to rearrange my list....
branislav: Maybe it is because, for me, the most memorable moments are with the most intense music. 
Been waiting for this review for a long time, kudos to you, Currawong. Luckily, I, being a reviewer for my own website and having the immense blessing of living twenty minutes from ALO Audio, will be able to audition and listen to the Studio Six in my own home for a couple months.
WOW  how much is it..
Never: a lot. But then, it's a lotta ampa.
How much does this speaker cable cost and are there any cheap ones that would work fine? Also does this really work good with passive speakers? :D
You'll need to ask ALO Audio that. I only have one, inexpensive pair of passive speakers, so I'm not really the best person to ask about its performance. 
Hey Currawong, what tubes have you tried so far with this amp?
GREAT job @Currawong!! Was SO psyched to hear you had the amp kickin!! GREAT job on the review brotha!  I'm about to get some of those Mullards from Ken that he posted for it! Psyched to dig deeper into more tube-rolling discussions on it w/ ya. I'm currently rockin a JJ 5AR4, Sylvania OB2's, a vintage RCA 6SN7, and Tung Sol 6V6's.  WHOA!!
such a great review,
I read it again!! Just got the McIntosh D100 headphone DAC/amp/line-stage (I HATE when they call a line-stage a "pre-amp" - a pre-amp, technically, has a phonostage on-board) but its KILLER ahead of the Studio Six!
Check it out
Great video review!  For an amature video the contrast and quality is far better than those other youtube videos.  I'm a huge fan of Judo and I think the analogy with Aikkido is an excellent way to put it.  Yeah something about SET amps that seem to be able to extract the very best of soundstaging and imaging, I loved my headphones driven with SET.  Must be a testimony of the 2 year development to have the confidence to supply 6 jacks and the unpredictable load this might induce - this is definitively an indication of innovation.  Gosh I wish I had such disposable income.  I always wanted a more refined SET amp than the one I had.  You guys who can afford this are lucky, I can't imagine wanting any more tube amps if I had this one.