ALO Rx MKll solid sound with some design flaws

A Review On: ALO audio Rx MKII Portable Headphone Amplifier - Black

ALO audio Rx MKII Portable Headphone Amplifier - Black

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Pros: For its size packs a sonic punch. Long lasting battery life. At current price point a bargain. The silicon bands are solid.

Cons: Stencil smears off easily and volume control is awkward.

After several weeks of auditioning I feel comfortable sharing my impression of this portable amp.  In comparison to the FiiO 11 it provides more battery life and improved amplification.  I like the expansive sound that it provides out of my Rockbox iPod 5.5G and my MacBook Air.  The signature feels transparent and I did not hear any coloring.  I feel the amp is more than adequate to drive both my HD595 and HE400. It paired well with the DF out of my Mac and the audio out of my iPod Wolfson DAC felt warm and authentic.  At $349 I feel it is a bargain.  At the original $449 it would have been a more marginal call.


At this price I would not expect that the stenciling would smear off.  For portability this amp is fine with a laptop but rather heavy to haul around in a pocket, especially in comparison to the FiiO.  The volume control is awkward in comparison to the FiiO.  The build quality is solid and significantly better than the FiiO.  


Price is the issue for me at $349 I can say that the amp gives you "bang for your buck" but at roughly $60 the FiiO 11 does as well. I would recommend the amp at this price.  The amplification for its size and the battery life it gives you are impressive.  


Since I bought this off the Amazon ALO store I wasn't given the option to buy the wallet, which I now plan to purchase. The stencil smearing may have been less of an issue with the wallet.  The silicon bands which are provided are solid but not designed to prevent smearing..


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