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A Review On: ALO audio 22awg OCC Cryo Dock

ALO audio 22awg OCC Cryo Dock

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David Chavez
Posted · Updated · 2011 Views · 5 Comments

Pros: Clarity, build quality, looks, great even before burn in.

Cons: Price, size

This is one of the last things you need to upgrade when your making your portable rig.  Vs the fiio L9 this lod cable was a big step up.  The first thing that will hit you is the increase in volume and clarity.  You will find better imaging and the feeling of your headphones opening up or becoming unveiled.  The down side is that since its not right angled like the L9 it will make your portable rig longer.  I personal love the way it looks and would reccomend it to anyone who has expensive gear using not so good cables.


$110 for an LOD cable? Seriously?
"increase in volume and clarity."
So if I get this cable, my music will get louder?
Will using this cable sexually attract more women ?
I certainly think it will up your libido nearly tenfold, my good fellow.
I've owned many of ALO's cables. And yes, Takato14, $110 to me is little money when you have 400-500 invested in a good portable amp. I've spent about $195 for ALO's higher end cables and they truly make a huge difference in performance. This one for $110 is a steal