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Not really that super

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Alessandro MS1i

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Pros: clear and powerful

Cons: too bright,no mentionworthy bass

- Uncomfortable due to high pressure on ears, huge earpads added = ok
- Sound : Very bright, no mention worthy low bass (even with amp), pretty annoying = sold wink.gif


I had the same experience -- got some AD700s and never looked back.
Bad review on the "sound", you don't mention the equipment you used, quality of the music you sampled, break in period or type of musicc.
Since you put in the time to make a review try and do a proper "reviewing" before you make a post.
As a side note I do not own the phones, just found this review lacking in all areas as I was shopping and found this as a top google search review. Id downrate this if I could if it were on amazon.
Well, full reviews are usually posted in the forum, not here in the "short list".
Grado's are extremely fickle with the sound they produce, dependent on how they fit on your head. If you don't position them properly on your ears, or if you don't get a good seal with the earpads, you'll experience hollow, bassless sound.
Different pads change the sound a huge degree also; don't underestimate this part of it.
As you could see from my few sentences, I had added a pair of the huge cushions. They made the phones more comfy, but didn't really add anything useful to the sound (in opposite to what the original modders said, that was the reason why I bought the pads).
The "huge earpads" you mention--I assume you mean the G-cush--aren't designed to be used for Alessandros or regular Grados. They're designed for the GS1000, and many people say they make the sound worse for other headphones in the Grado lineup. That could account for the fact that you get no bass or overly harsh treble.
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