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Great for value, but not for all genres of Music

A Review On: Alessandro MS1i

Alessandro MS1i

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Pros: Sound quality (Subjective), design, ability to mod easily

Cons: Standard comfy pads causes ear fatigue within an hour, Not as portable, treble may be too sibilant for some people

These were my first ever "High end" headphones. I had to decide between these, the SR60, or the SR80. I decided to go with these as they were the same price of the SR80, but most people claimed for them to sound like the SR 125. 

First listen was slightly disappointing. I overestimated the sound quality, coming from Bose AE2's. However, given several, maybe 50 hours of burn in, these cans really opened up. The soundstage was bigger than I imagined, and it really helps if you picture yourself at a concert. Instrument separation was great on this too. I was pleased after the burn in and didn't regret buying them at all. After a few weeks, I decided to try the hole punch mod, and so I made four holes with a pencil and surely enough, the bass was more present. However, it eventually sounded a little muddy or leaked into the mids. To fix that, I bought some EarZonk Bowl pads fit for Grado, and everything was fixed. The Soundstge was yet even bigger and the bass was nice and tight and controlled. 


Overall, these headphones are a great value, for only $100. Yes, the sound leaks like crazy, so don't use them at a library or in a bus. I would easily recommend these to anyone interested in the Headphone world.


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