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Alessandro MS1000


Pros: Soundstage, look, quality, comfortable !

Cons: Weight :-(

One of the most easy to install, a great look, a beautiful red aluminum finish, a perfectly designed kit for people with no need to fully liberate the driver and a perfect sound.
Pity that the assembly is so heavy, however, the headphone fits snug against the head.


Pros: Good sound, pretty much comfortable

Cons: None I think

I loved MS1i I bought last may, but Head-fi is full of temptations and I was attracted by all those threads about MS1000, so I decided to buy a kit from Jaben (the red aluminum one).

What can I say? They worth every euro I've spent and I love them more than ever. 


Sorry for my poor english, but if you'd like to have a wider headstage and a little more bass on your MS1, try this mod.

Classical music won't be a mirage anymore..   :)

Alessandro MS1000

Modded MS1(i) becomes... MS1000!

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