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Alessandro MS-1 Reviews


Alessandro MS1 Review – Above and Beyond

Introduction – Many people started their audio journey in the same way, caught between the Japanese precision of the ATH-M50x or the Brooklyn passion of the Grado SR80i. But those a little more invested in the hobby might direct you towards an Alessandro headphone instead; a manufacturer who adopts the classic design of the Grado`s with a subtly redesigned and reimagined sound. Whilst the Alessandro`s retain the almost painfully clear sound beloved by Grado fans around the world, they also provide more balance and refinement intermingled within the punchy bass response, intimate midrange and crisp highs. As my (and many others) first venture into open back headphones, let’s see how the...
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Good, All-Round Headphones


Pros: Neutral, Very Good For Spoken Word, Acoustic, Vocal Music

Cons: Narrow But Precise Soundstage

These are my third pair of audiophile headphones. In the 1970's I had a set of ~$200 cans driven by a reel to reel, fed through a paragraphic 7 band per channel equalizer and a DBX Box.   Fast forward thirty years to 2003. I bought a pair of Grado SR-80's. Wow! About half the cost of the earlier high end headphones (Sennheisers?) I had owned. Tight sound, worked well with tv, ipod, and anything else, including an almost audiophile grade am radio. Sadly my middle god-daughter sat on these one day, breaking several bits and pullling out cables. (My hearing is still fine in my mid-50's, and I can still hear and appreciate Maddy Pryor or Yma Sumac hitting a high register in good...
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Intro to Hi-Fi on a Budget


Pros: Clear Highs / Mids, Smooth Bass, Retro Looks, Overall Hi-Fi SQ

Cons: Plastic Build Quality, Uncomfortable Stock Pads/Headband, Cords Get Twisted

I wanted some tried and true entry level Hi-Fi quality headphones.  Easy Answer:  Grado.    I research and researched... Which ones to get?  SR60i, SR80i, SR125i?  Then I found out about Alessandro.   Alessandro MS1 was basically the SR125i sound, but for only $99.00.  Perfect!      The first time I played these (even with no burn in) I knew I had made the right choice.  CLEAR!  So clear with a wonderful mid bass bump.  I heard things in songs I never knew were there.  Amazing.   After almost two years of use, the sound is ever so slightly smoother and a tad warmer.  Though I would not call...
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incredible for heavy metal


Pros: amazing sound, good bass, clear highs/mids, comfortable

Cons: they look kind of ugly, questionable durability, open back

I ordered the alessandro ms1 on june 15/2011 and they just arrived today. after many delays from canada post and their strike i finally received it.   i am incredibly impressed and pleased with my purchase.   let's start my review   Durability/Design if i had to complain about anything on these headphones i think it would have to be be the looks and durability. after holding them in my hands i noticed they are made of plastic.and look quite unappealing. durability wise the cord seems a little loosely connected to the headset and i feel twisting might harm it. also they are open back so this makes it hard to take places. they are masters of noise leakage. ...
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Black Magic


Pros: Neutral, musical tonality, accurate transients and attack, lightweight, easy to drive, value, classic style

Cons: Close soundstage and physical bulk

First, the set of headphones I am reviewing is 12 years old (predating the "i" and "e" series drivers and larger cups) and I listen to them almost every day, so they've had plenty of burn-in. I recommend listening to them for a few weeks at least before making any sonic judgments – mine took at least a few months to settle into their final sound. They sounded pretty rough and underwhelming when I received them from Alessandro. For reference, I listened to a set of Sennheiser HD 320 headphones for about 10 years before switching to these, and I also listen to a set of Joseph Grado HP-2 headphones in my home rig.   Fit These headphones fit closely to your head (aside from the...
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Good entry level headphone


Pros: Very good all-rounder, excellent value for the money

Cons: Tiny soundstage, can become uncomfortable after a while, mid-bass hump, leak a lot, not really suited for portable use.

These where my first good full-sized headphones and have served as my main headphones for home use since 2007 until recently (2013).   At $100 these are a good price, especially for people living outside of the US where Grados are just way too expensive. The sound is relatively flat, but the mid-bass is a little emphasized. Some might call that "fun" or "punchy", but I could live without it, honestly. The MS-1 sounds forward, mainly due to the small soundstage, but also because of a small rise of the upper midrange. These phones don't have that much extension on either side of the frequency spectrum. When listening to classical or jazz you really notice how small the soundstage...
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Pros: Amazing sound

Cons: A bit odd looking, rubber tip came off of pole

I bought these used off ebay, and already burnt in.  They sound amazing.  Everything is balanced, the bass is tight and punchy, the mids are detailed, and the highs are clear. They sound like you would expect from a company like Grado. Anyone who says the bass is lacking is probably a bass head or major dub-step fan.   On the downside they can look a little goofy, the little rubber tip also popped off one of the poles and I will have to replace it.  These are pretty comfortable, however, the stock headband has no padding and looks a little cheap.  The stock foam pads can be a little scratchy as well. With a nice leather headband and a sock mod, I think that...
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love these headphones


Pros: great sound, light-weight, economical

Cons: the cable

I'm a Grado fan, and when my SR80s broke down after extensive use, I got a pair of these MS1's in a trade. I love their sound, i think they look cool, they're comfortable and they're not expensive.   The previous owner modded them with softer ear cushions which just adds to my enjoyment.
Enter Darkness

on par with higher end grados.


Pros: good sound, highs, mids, bass

Cons: durability, comfort

Do you want a grado? Are you on a budget? Do you live outside the usa? Get these.     I'm going to say it like it is.   Grados past the sr80i aren't worth it. The alessandro ms1 is essentially a sr125i for $99.   I own the grado sr225i (well they broke) and i put these to the test. Since the right cup on my grado sr225 is broken i swapped cups and listening with the alessandro ms1 on the right while the grado sr225 is on the left. I failed to hear any significant difference and it was listenable as a normal headphone. Grado what are you pulling?   I love the sound of grados, they are very aggressive and are amazing for rock/metal. What i don't...
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Great Starters


Pros: Clarity and detail at its pricepoint. Moddibility.

Cons: Emphasized mid-bass. Small soundstage. Uncomfortable pads.

My first set of 'real' cans.  It transformed my music library over just a few weeks.  The texture and detail are the best I have heard for their price, and the best I have ever owned.  While not good at electronic, acoustic, rock, and metal sounded fantastic.     I unfortunately killed a driver while performing my 900th mod.  I miss them.  Hopefully I will own them again one day.
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