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AKG Q701 Premium Class Reference Headphones, Quincy Jones Signature Line Reviews

Positive Reviews


One of the Best Budget Audiophile Headphones


Pros: Enormous Soundstage, Solid Bass Impact, Accentuated Mids, Textured Treble, Durable, Velour Earpads, Big Earcups

Cons: Weak Center Imaging, Lean Bass, Unnatural mids for some songs, Painful Headband, Big Earcups, Picky with Sources

TL;DR Review of the AKG Q701’sAccentuated Mids: Enhances most female vocals, also forwards vocals, “livens” synthesizers in electronic music. Can cause vocals to sound uneven due to the 2khz bump.Grainy/Textured Treble: Gives texture and dynamics to ride cymbals and high hats, may force treble into songs that suffer with treble. i.e. Metal genres. Not to be confused with “sparkly treble”.Lean/Solid Bass: Bass is solid and fast, impact hits hard but rumble is lean, benefits in most techno, jazz, and classical/orchestra music. Quality of bass leaves the listener wanting more.Soundstage: Large soundstage that has a 3D Surround better than 5.1 gaming headsets. Suffers from center imaging that...
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Negative Reviews


Surely not the best in class


Pros: Decent sounding

Cons: Big ear cups, uneven headband tension, uncomfortable for long term wearing.

I've given these at least two dozen chances as few of my colleagues swear by it. However, I find them highly uncomfortable to wear. I am a small person and these headphones for one, feel huge on my head. I find it hard to position them just right to get the imaging right every single time. The headphones sit on my ears and not rest on my head which causes discomfort/ on my earlobes after a few minutes. This one is far from being my favorite headphone, unfortunately. 

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Expansive yet engaging - AKG Q701


Pros: Well balanced, open, clear, expansive sounding, stylish and well built. Fast and reasonably well detailed. Great value for money (street value)

Cons: Headband comfort (bumps), lacks some bass impact (slight), imaging can be a little too left/right (lacks some center image clarity)

         From AKG's website - they describe the Q701 as:   Quote: Sparkling harmonics, incredibly low distortion and unequalled realism in the lower frequencies – it’s the huge, airy, three-dimensional sound available only in the finest high-end speaker systems and microphones. Now, we've engineered it into the most accurate and responsive reference headphones we've ever produced, the Q 701s. Hear music exactly as the artist intended in true surrounding sound.   Let's see if they match the 'marketing' .......   Pre-amble (about me) I'm a 46 year old music lover.  I don't say audiophile - just love my music.  Over the last...
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AKG Q701 - Nice sound, just not directly from... well anything!


Pros: Great Detail & Clarity, Expansive Sound Stage, Neutral, Light but Strong build, Generally Comfortable (with lots of hair or a hat)

Cons: Uncomfortable headband, Poor Without High Quality Equipment, Annoying Creaking Noises, Lack of Bass, Treble not well controlled

Just wrote a review for these here: http://noblehifi.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/akg-q701-review.html      PRESENTATION The Q701 is AKGs top circumaural headphone model - an open back, reference headphone endorsed by Quincy Jones. The box design and materials are rather uninspiring for a flagship model, there's not much more I can say about that so lets get it open..        DESIGN Once passed the flimsy container things get more interesting. The coloured parts are plastic (white in this case) but they look pretty solid and nicely designed. The headband is metal, covered in leather with an embossed "Quincy Jones"...
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Q701 - a new AKG flagship


Pros: other colors, detachable cable

Cons: connector only 3 pins

  20. October 2010 I can not wait and all notes and "warnings" to spite, I made a sound check with no burning-in. After about 1 hour a very detailed sound, more detail than the K701 - but I've known from the test of the K702 and has no significance - it will show whether the stops. Music: Marianne Faithfull - Blazing Away Pink Floyd - Final Cut Phil sings Maria Ola Magnell - Malvina   Short cross-check for K501 (which I bought used) - very musical and relaxed - but a bit less detailed. Appendix: Philips CD650 modified / amplifier WNA MKII   01. Nov. 2010 The Q701 is currently in the "Burning-in" - let running continuously...
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great value for bass-light classical/acoustic dragon slayer


Pros: good soundstage and tone, punches above weight, fairly light

Cons: rattle in right driver, schiit headband

Q701 is not really a headphone that merits a long review. It was my entree into the high-fi world, and a good entree at that. If you listen primarily to classical/jazz/acoustic music and/or are using the headphone for mixing purposes, it is a stupendous value for ~$200. Piano especially is airy and wonderful, but all orchestral stuff is ably done. Other than that, probably just recommended for clinical things like mastering. It can be driven by an iPhone, though amplification is worth considering for a better sound.    Headband has bumps. I think they feel like schiit. (K1000 on temples is far worse, however). Worse than this though is the rattle in the right driver....
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Grown to love the sound


Pros: Linear audio, can reach down to 10hz, amazing spatialization

Cons: Headband can be uncomfortable, requires good amplification

Bought from Memory Express in Canada for about $220 CAD.  Don't overpay, these can be found for around $250 if you search around.   Sound impressions: Measured with a UMIK1 and the response is very linear with a smooth increase up to 1khz then a smooth decrease back down to 20khz.  Can reach as low as 10hz with a tone generator (can't hear it but can definitely feel it on the skull!).  The sound is incredibly spatial!  Live music (concerts, orchestra) sounds amazing!  Songs with reverb sound awesome.  Can hear a lot of detail.  Very linear audio and if you're into equalization (or tube rolling) these things have a lot of diversity available due...
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Peanut Jin

Detailed and amazing soundstage


Pros: good sounstage, nice clean bass and very engaging mids

Cons: headband bump, sometimes upper mid might be too bright for some songs

overall this is a good headphone, and i love it very much.lucky for me i got the Austria version, as i happen to know they are now manufactured at china    the sound is just what i am looking for in most of the headphones, where i prefer a more emphasized mids and trebles. a lot of people complained about the lack of bass but for me the bass is just a clean bass, not bassy type that u can find in other headphones. bass are punchy and u can feel every "thump" of it instead of muddy bass, which is very nice as this does not affect the mids and vocal.   soundstage are amazing, music and songs played by it feels like being played by a speaker instead (not literally but you...
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Fast, cold and detailed


Pros: Very fast, beautifully textured, respond well to a variety of amplification, elegant design, smooth mids, great price:performance ratio

Cons: Weak bass, cold, can be fatiguing very quickly, not very suitable for poor recordings, 'impersonal' sound, comfort

Introduction:   I purchased the Q701s in September of 2012 after thoroughly enjoying an audition with a friend of mine's about a year earlier.  I had heard a lot about AKGs beforehand: polite, analytical, cold and detailed.  I wasn't prepared for how exciting and energetic they could be even through my relatively weak Nuforce Icon HDP.  After a little more than two years of owning them (and purchasing a pair of V-Moda M100s for mobile use), they had become my main headphone after the left driver of my beloved LCD-2s went kaput.   Design and Comfort  I thought the green Q701s were a little silly looking so I chose black.  They are elegant, high-tech...
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What is this, just get them right now. (A truly impressive performer)


Pros: Sound, comfort and price(!)

Cons: Some headband parts are fragile, upper mids are sometimes too loud and takes a while to adjust for the best sound.

200 bucks?! In short, these are the strongest performers I've heard and they made me sell my HD650 very quickly. I did enjoy the HD650s with some recordings, mainly vocal music, but they were lacking some breath, air and energy to me, while Q701 delivers all that and more. HD650 were like visiting your grandma -- fuzzy, warm and cozy, and Q701 is a lively party -- everything is lively, accurate and no detail is ever left out. They have a very nice impact. Every drum hit is very satisfying. Oh and the soundstage...why repeat ourselves; it's been said enough times already and I guess it's so good because of the angled ear pads. Also they don't choke no matter how intense your music is....
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Sounds good


Pros: Nearly everything, CHEAP!, Build Quality

Cons: Slightly lacking very low bass. Don't really care.

Mids are nice and full sounding. Not thin or lean at all. If they are it's due to a poor amp match or supposed to be that way in the recording (yeah really). I've even gotten good results with an O2, E9 and Micro Amp. Not much else yet. They sound natural to me. To me this headphone really excels with female vocals. They're very slightly forward sounding. I would say the low mids are more neutral. They're not as forward as those of the Anniversary and I like that. With some recordings the Q701 can sound nearly as warm and full sounding as my HD-650 (try Buena Vista Social Club). You can also have the Q701 change into an AD700 with some tinny/harsh recordings.   Treble is not harsh...
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Goods headphones for home use


Pros: Good soundstage, clarity, removable cable

Cons: Sterile sound, costly in various countries, bumps on headband

I owned these for a couple months before upgrading to the HD800. While using them, I used them with the ODAC+O2 combo as well as the Fiio e17. There's no doubt these are supposed to be headphones for home use. They're very open, leak sound and are just generally very large. From reviews, these are really supposed to be the stepping stone to the hd800 since they're meant to be very accurate like the HD800. I can agree with that statement. Design: The bumps on the headband are just plain stupid. Otherwise they're designed well, they fit well on my slightly large head. Comfort: I have a tender spot on the top of my head that loses circulation if something presses down. When I lose...
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