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AKG Q460 Mini On Ear Headphones, Quincy Jones Signature Line

50% Positive Reviews
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Pros: Very good sound, light weight, low power requirement

Cons: Cabling is unacceptably poor quality and spoils the experience

The test for personal headphones is always how they sound to the end user. One person might prefer Senns over AKG, another might prefer Grados. When I was looking for portable headphones for my phone, I checked the selection at my usual store, Bay Bloor Audio in Toronto. The AKG 450 sounded better to my ears and for my purpose so I bought them and loved the sound. I still do. The drawback was that, at the time, there was no option for a microphone in the wire for phone use. When the 460 was introduced with an in-cable mic, I looked into replacing the cable on my 450. AKG said I should contact the Canadian distributor who said they do not sell cables separately but subsequently said that they would provide a cable for $25 less than the retail price for a new set of phones. I thought that was absurd. I bought the 460 because of the microphone and for the modest difference in the price between a replacement cable and a new set of phones (and who can't use another set of phones?). OK, I know I'm taking a while to get to the point. The AKG450 and AKG460 are identical except for the cables and colour. They both provide very good sound quality from a portable device and do not drain the battery of, in my case, an iPhone. The problem is the cabling. Both headphones come with two sets of cables, one long & one short. The 460, as mentioned, has a mic built into its longer cable. The shorter cables are practically useless because of the length. The longer cables have both failed where the wire joins the jack. Although there is no visible damage to either wire, sound from the left channel is absent unless I hold the cable in a particular way. This problem exists despite my being very careful in handling the cables. I have talked to and emailed the Canadian distributor who really doesn't seem to care at all about this issue. 

My experience is that both the AKG450 and AKG460 sound great when they work. However, the durability of the cabling makes them unacceptable. I would be very wary of buying another AKG product because of my experience. Good thing I still have a pair of Senns to use.


Pros: Great bass, good comfort, easy to listen to

Cons: Mids are a little harsh on certain vocals

There is no doubt that the Q460s are way ahead of alternatives like Beats by Dr Dre, but they are similar in that they don't suit all music types. They're great for Hip-Hop / Rap, Electronica, mellow Jazz and some Rock, but they don't fare quite as well on more acoustic genres.


The upper end of the mids get a little bit pushy on certain vocal tracks and the treble is a bit understated which can lead to a lack of detail and sparkle. On the other hand, the smooth sound means it's very easy to listen to for long periods at any volume (unless it's so loud it hurts).


The carrying case is brilliant and compact and the 2 cords give you plenty of tangle-free options, by keeping cable length to a minimum.


The sound signature won't be for everyone, but they do what they do very well so check them out if you're into a more mellow, rich and lush sound.

AKG Q460 Mini On Ear Headphones, Quincy Jones Signature Line

Hit the road with Quincy Jones Style. The Q460 will connect you to your favourite music from virtually and portable audio or video device with all the dynamics you would expect (and Quincy demands) from AKG. The lightweight, comfortable design blocks out most of the ambient noise, freeing you up to enjoy hours of balanced, Dynamic reference-quality sound. Additionally, the Q460 is the perfect partner to use with smart phones allowing you to make and receive calls as well and control several music playback functions of the Iphone with it's inline remote control.

FeatureI-Phone Compatible, in-Line Microphone and Remote Control
Height9.84 inches
Length7.08 inches
Weight0.95 pounds
Width3.15 inches
LabelAKG Acoustics
List Price$229.00
ManufacturerAKG Acoustics
ModelQ460 (Black)
Package Quantity1
Product GroupMusical Instruments
PublisherAKG Acoustics
StudioAKG Acoustics
TitleAKG Q460 Mini On Ear Headphones, Quincy Jones Signature Line
Number Of Items1
Release Date2010-10-30
Publication Date2010-10-30
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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