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one of the top open and neutral headphones

A Review On: AKG K812

AKG K812

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Pros: open, detailled, neutral, analytic


Now I correct the Google translate - I use http://www.dict.cc/ and my (small) knowledge of English 
I hope its a bit better now! :k701smile:
AKG K812 Pro
Type: open.back  dynamic headphones
Sensitivity: 110 dB SPL / V
Rated impedance: 36 Ohms
Max output power: 300 mW
Cable: 99.99 % oxygen - free with genuine LEMO connector
V- WCBV @ 94 dB SPL = 300 mV
Magnet: 1.5T
Net Weight: 390 g
More about: http://www.akg.com/k812-1308.html
My first impressions that can not yet be final. And, I accentuate always, these are my personal impressions without any claim to absoluteness!
High-quality packaging, covered with black cloth, hinged lid, fully molded tray, headphone stand made of laminated wood.
The essential parts of the K812 Pro headphone are made of high quality aluminum. By a gimbal mounting, the seat fits perfectly on the head shape.
The bracket can be adjusted by means of screening. The seat is good.
The K812 Pro is designed as an open headphone. The openness is not visible on photos, because the perforated back cover is additionally covered by a fine mesh, the driver is also protected by a fine mesh. In a way, in my opinion he is closer (in terms of openness) to the legend K1000 than the K/Q7xx series without its disadvantages. Of course, with newly developed 53 mm drivers of all previous innovations (eg, magnet 1.5 Tesla, lighter coil wire, etc. ) are included with.
The pads have approximately the same inner diameter as the K/Q7xx series but are constructed differently, include the ear perfectly and closed with a kind of lip to the head. The cover of the pads is velvety, leathery (a reference to which material they use, I dont found), comfortable to wear .
Tonal the K812 Pro are best headphones I had in the house to test so far. It is in any case to be classified (ranged) over the Denon D7000 (also ranged over the Beyer T1 as I could compare this with in the pre-test ). This refers to my test of pilot run model ( AKG ) and the first hearing impressions and does not constitute a finally statement.
As I recall, he is tonal ranged over the K1000 legend. Alone, the bass of the K812 Pro ranges noticeably down much deeper . The comparison with the K1000 regard to the openness of the stage I can not reproduce, since I have no K1000 available and memories I want to leave me any way.
The K812 Pro is neutral as it should be for a studio headphones, but also relentlessly against bad recordings, errors in the recording - which indeed corresponds to the actual purpose .
The audible sensitivity - my headphone amplifier WNA MKII with 15 Ohm output impedance is the difference in volume level for K712 Pro rather low, I just have very little to regulate (direction down) to the same volume to achieve.
First impressions sound to see with caution since no burning in period.
Sara K. " Hell over high water" SACD -DDD
Tend to track a noticeably brighter and richer in detail and better, finer resolution than the K712 Pro.
Neutral, profound, punchier but not over emphasized bass.
Liszt Orchestral Works , 2CDs , ADD
Berliner Philharmoniker , Herbert von Karajan , recorded in 1961 , 1968, 1976
Very high and fine, detailed resolution of sounds. Expansive deep bass, dry, without the boom in the mid- bass range (as sometimes occurs when Denon D7000) .
Comparisons and impressions regarding the spatial representations stage will coming soon, please be patient, I will check here some of my impressions after a few days again. Now I'm a few days so just listen and take notes. If I heard, "a block of my test pieces", I report. So far as I always did with my hearing test!
Photos will follow soon, I need to edit (examine, reduce resolution).
PS: Regarding the Availability, as far as I know,  next week the first copies go to the dealers and processed the pre-orders in order. The production in Vienna operate at full stretch. Please bear with!


and pics

Impressions Part 2

I am referring mostly to details of recordings that I know very well and have often heard with different headphones. I describe here my feelings here.

Pink Floyd, The Wall, 1979

A few highlights :
CD1 Track 1 , 1:40 to 1:50
Echo of the singer - right, left - precise, clear plastic

CD1 Track 3, finally
Helicopter - "I pulled down my head, in spite of headphones"

CD1 Track 4 - only Live can sound even better

CD1 Track 5 - finally, the cries of children, audible right outside the head in space

CD 1 Track 8, Mother, one of my favorites - with perfect "heebie-jeebies shiver"

CD 1 Track 7 , guitar strings sound metallic correct and not wrapped in cotton wool around - as if they were playing live in front of me.

CD 2 Track 6 , the door knocking sounds very realistic, live character.


At Pink Floyd music abundant background noise are perceptible, precise, plastic, spacious (some with 3D effect) reproduced. Between individual voices and instruments is enough space, they are reproduced clearly and distinguished from each other. The overall picture remains homogeneous.


Marianne Faithful , Blazing Away, AAD , 1990

track 1
Applause, clapping of individual hands are very good audible, it does not go below a noise floor .

Track 3 , 0:20 to 0:30
delicately battered drums brass, metallic and very authentic.

Track 8 , 2:50 to 2:56
The lightweight dab the drums brass with the stick very well resolved, metallic, authentically.

Drums - very detailed, individual cymbal well of each other audibly separated, highly differentiated as did the musicians.

Magic of Himalayas , Mystical Scent , xxrcd ( JVC , Japan Import )
The Ultimate bass test , this CD brings the most impressive bass my collection in itself , makes even the legendary Telarc recording " 1812 " and the Japanese drummers (such as Kodo ) in the shade.

track 1
The very deep rumble of the drums is very impressive place (for a fully open headphones).
Track 1 with greater volume, not overdriving the bass noticeable.

The rest of the CD, punchy , accurate bass, instruments delimited, with enough air between them, the sound still remains homogeneous. On this CD "walking" some individual instruments between right and left, back and forth, which is mapped from Pro K812 very well spatially .
The "black" deep rumble on some of the recordings will be played very punchy.

The stage is wide, spacious, the voices of the singers and instruments are staggered in space.



more about coming soon


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