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Pretty OK, but not worth more than $350 (IMO)

A Review On: AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition

AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition

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Pros: Slightly fuller sounding than Q701

Cons: Less treble and upper mids. Sounds too dark almost.

Compared to Q701:

(most of this has already been mentioned in other reviews)


  • More forward sounding and upfront, except for upper mids (and most female vocals)
  • Warmer and fuller sounding than Q701, but not by much. Sounds slightly more muffled and not as clear.
  • Imaging seems better. I think my brain is just fooled due to flat pads and a warmer sound signature.
  • Way less treble and upper mids took a nose drive.
  • Sounds darker than MY HD-650. Weird.
  • Soundstage seems much smaller and the sound is definitely less airy.
  • The deal killer for me is that most female vocals often sound much more distant.
  • Q701 sounds more balanced to me. So does my HD-650(!)
  • More forward lower mids than the Q701.
  • Less engaging for me with my music collection. Maybe i'm an upper mids and treble addict.
  • Not that much more bass. A little more mid-bass, but that's about it. Any difference in low-bass is barely audible by my ears.
  • I wish AKG could find a way to create that extra fullness but retain the Q701's upper mids.
  • Sounds hard to believe, but SOME subtle background details are easier to spot on the Annie. I think due to the more forward sound and flat pads.
  • Sounds almost more like a closed headphone.
  • Sorry, but it's no HD-650 killer. HD-650 sounds better to me than the Annie, but not the Q701.
  • Perfect for gaming.
  • Seems to be louder at the same volume levels than the Q701.


NOTE: All depends on preferences. You'll prefer the K702, Q701 or K702 Anniversary. I think the Q701 sounds the best (for me).

I do use the Anniversary for gaming. I hate to admit it, but for music it generally bores me. I do like it more and more everyday, but i've used it since maybe April.


BTW if you want to save some money get a Q701 and some K702 65th Anniversary pads. Same thing.


Hopefully AKG doesn't charge a fortune for the K712 Pro. Hopefully it will show up on Amazon for around $350, but unlikely.


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